Worm, Giant

Worm (Picture) Giant worms have grown to lengths of 30ft, 100ft and more under the influence of Earth Blood. When rolling a 19 or more on their attack roll, a worm will swallow its victim. All swallowed victims are dealt automatic damage every round until they are dead, or the worm is dead. Inside the worm, only a dagger may be used and all attack rolls take a -4 penalty.

HD 6 AC 3 1d8 MV 60 ML 9 XP 570; swallow

In the large deserts, even bigger worms are said to exist. Damaging them requires magic or siege weapons. Similarly, their attacks destroy buildings. Anybody inside such a building takes damage as if in an earthquake: 8d8, save vs. death for half damage.

HD 12 AC 3 1d8 MV 6 ML 9 XP 2800; swallow; magic or siege weapons required to hit; destroys buildings