It was the 18th year of the Second Era. Be it the will of Savras or Tymora, a curious, little, human boy stumbled upon friendly faces. This little human boy was named Ben (“Big Dick Ben” if you please), and his companions referred to themselves as Jared, Dolan, Luke, and Rowan. They were humans as well, but that’s neither here nor there. As they all sat together, enjoying a simple meal of chicken and potatoes, Ben brought up his fascination with a well-known human game called “Dungeons and Dragons”. They all feigned interest in his musings since after all, most everyone was fascinated with “Dungeons and Dragons”. It was until Ben had said the term “DM” did their ears perk up at the inane droning caused by his mouth. One of the humans then had an idea. The others will claim to also have this same idea either first or at the same time, but one of them did in fact have it first.

Ben could be their DM.

This meant that they could play Dungeons and Dragons as they desired without having to take the role that causes the least amount of joy. Now recall how it was stated that Ben was a curious, little, human boy. What made him so curious was that he actually derived the most joy from the role that causes the least amount of it. What made him little was his height and weight. What made him human was very little. Though that’s neither here nor there.

The players asked Ben if he would be willing to master their dungeons to which he excitedly agreed. It was all he ever wanted to hear. The pondering soon took his thoughts hostage whispering “What kind of campaign will you run? What is the setting? What level will they begin? How much will you prepare?” If only his thoughts had such concern for his studies. Then he closed his eyes for a moment as a rhythmic tribal chant filled his imagination. The answer to his quandaries faded into view of his minds eye. “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” whispered the book that now overwhelmed his senses. He opened his eyes filled with determination. If only his studies came to him as easy.

He hurriedly bought the book and prepared his pens and parchment. The time came towards the end of the sevenday after everyone had finished their practicing their trades. Seats were gathered at the quarters of Jared, Dolan, and an amazing far-traveling chef. They sat down and created characters of various shapes and sizes:

Jared created Drake, the Gnomish Evocation Wizard with a penchant for mediating. Dolan created Illinois, a Tiefling Beast Master obviously more concerned with heroics than looks. Luke created Laureline, the Human Assassin who struggles with the concept of good, not fashion. Rowan created El(even), the Elvish Barbarian with Ancestral Guardians that somehow keeps solving problems without realizing it.

Together, the companions set forth into an imaginary world that may arguably in worse condition than their own. Fortunately for that imaginary world, these were the heroes ready to save it. So this is a website about all of that stuff.