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Summary: Ssambra Drow Famiy


< Rank Adjustment:Double the number of family adults. House wealth is doubled.


> Rank Adjustment: Double the number of family adults. House wealth is doubled.

Ssambra Drow Famiy

Social Structure Adults: 42 Children:6 (up to 10 years in age) and 4 (between 11 and 75 years old) . juveniles who are basically noncombatants. Adolescents are similar to adults in profile, but have half the hit points and a –2 penalty to all ability scores. Rivalries: 2,Some families are broken into factions, groups that scheme together in the dark corners of their underground home on how to become the ruling head of the family. One faction will always be the house mother, her bodyguards, spouse, and their young children. Each of the remaining factions is led by an ambitious female vying for the house mother’s spot (only rarely will a male drow ever consider fighting against the house mother).

Drow Family Rivalry Motivation for Rivalry Power. The drow believes that the position as house mother carries additional supernatural powers and abilities. She covets these abilities as her own.

House Rank: Thereare 12 of other influential drow family houses in the city. Your drow family ranks 4 in this order. Major House Family Adjustments Rank Adjustment: Double the number of family adults. House wealth is doubled.

Symbol: Spider fangs crossing behind Lolth Sacred Deity. The family has its own sacred version of lolth. Its imagery consists of pictures of the deity and her characteristics. Special Abilities: A family’s combat tactics are modeled after its beliefs as reflected by its symbol. The family has develop two special combat tactics to emulate their symbol, for example, many fighters uses whip and dager on their enemies.

NPCs Leader: The family’s house mother has class levels as a cleric. Not all house mothers have bodyguards, but some do. The house mother has 12 personal bodyguards. These drow have 4 class levels as drow fighters. Clerics: 2 additional clerics. The clerics have 4 levels. The cleric will have 2 acolyte of the faith, one will be first level and the other second level. Renegades: Renegades aren’t part of a family. However, he occasionally works with the family as a special henchman. House Army The family army and house compound designs depends mostly on the terrain. Next most important is the size of the family, then the personalities of the house mother and other priestesses. Design the compound as you would any dungeon or city and follow the guidelines given on page 9 for army construction.