Search and Rescue

Promising First Year Students are tasked by Master Sigma to go and search, and ideally bring back (dead or alive) some second year students after the third year students sent after them haven’t returned in a week.

The students receive Letters Of Leave, and after very little preparation they go on an extended trip.

The first night the students pitch camp, but are woken up by an entity incarcerated in an Emerald. This turns out to be Ausos, a third year student from the first search party, who besides having turned somewhat insane, shares with the first years that her co-students seemed to have lost their minds, then a Savant walked by and put her soul into an Emerald. Ausos is not pleased with this.

The students return the Emerald and Ausos’ body back to the school (much to the disappointment of the necromancer), and then head out again. They decide to take a turn south at the river and find the [[Mushroom_Farm?|TheSylvanRealmati:Mushroom_Farm]] where the three remaining third year students also are being taken care of. They seem to be almost catatonic with no ability to speak or control important body functions.

A short investigation shows the students were infected by Dream Squirrels. Quick and decisive action by the Fire Dervish was not enough to save him from losing his sense of taste four a couple days, but in the end he managed to cut his opponent apart by Flame Fingers. The Necromancer mostly ran around while his favorite animated skeleton mashed the Squirrels. The Chimerist managed to catch not one, but two Dream Squirrels and put them into jars … at which point the first years decided to return the third years to the School which only is two days travel away

(Yes, this is quite reminiscent of one of my first Chthonic Codex Sessions in Berlin, I blame the rolls of the dice and my being a fan of Dream Squirrels…).

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