Random Encounters

1. Landmark - Grim. A burnt swath of land. Two charred skeletons lay, embracing one another. A tunnel coils down in the center of the area through solid granite, a couple of loose drake scales and a reeking of dragons.

2. Landmark - Astrid. Tracks and rutting and rotting flesh indicating a great undead boar. Tracks can be followed to find the boar, stinking and rotting with

3. Landmark + Aelwin/Astrid. A partly overgrown shrine. Bodies of slain monsters surround an unblemished inner sanctum. Contains a scuttling mechanical spider that responds to Herbstreet.

4. Landmark + Astrid/Grim. A nest of drake eggs. The eggs hatch, drakes emerge, stumble a few steps, and disappear into nothing. The eggs reemerge.

5. Lair Aelwin/Grim. An old workshop of one of Aelwin’s lieutenants. Correspondance between Thred and Aelwin about the progress on the Nimbus generator. This workshop produced a critical part. The entrance and workshop is inhabited by serpents. Hidden is an inner sanctum, a private library with treasure in chests and hidden within a hollowed out book. Contains a leather hood for training drakes and Thred’s extendable pole.

6. Wonder Aelwin/Astrid. A great black salt monolith. A tall, sheer, stone slab inscribed with glowing runes. Lay your hand and hear the voice of Astrid. Collect 10 apostle hearts and level the lighthouse. A gift of red salt that will distract monsters and animals for 1d6 rounds.

7. Ruin Aelwin/Astrid. You are drawn by a peculiar repeating sound. The sound of a crackle or a tear of static, a metallic crunch, and spring. The tomb of a sorcerer. Fine stonework of gnomish construction. Carvings on the walls of beastmen and rituals. Contains a wand of some vampiric spell. Overrun with slavering monsters.

8. Landmark + Astrid/Grim. A self-maintaining orchard of fire-berries. Delicious and can be crushed to produce a flammable oil. One bucket of berries (1 hour of gathering) results in 1 jar of flammable oil.

9. Lair Astrid/Grim. A den of Hell Hounds. Two adults in the pack are overheard devouring the corpse of a large bear. One pup sleeping in the cave appears friendly and will mature in 1d6+3 months. Hounds will not attack those who bear the protection of Astrid.

10. Landmark + Astrid. Tomb of the First Student.

11. Settlement Aelwin

12. Landmark + Aelwin

13. Landmark + Draketamer Grim

14. Landmark - Astrid, Mother of Monsters

15. Landmark - Astrid/Grim

16. Wonder Aelwin/Grim

17. Settlement Aelwin/Astrid

18. Ruin Astrid/Grim

19. Wonder Aelwin/Grim

20. Wonder Astrid, Mother of Monsters