2008-07-08 Transition

So you’ve loaded your mounts, packed your treasures, made your good byes, sat on Crus’ roof for the last time, looking at the forest of Nin and talking about the green dragon, you’ve talked to Felix & Penelope Wurst at the Hog’s Head Inn, you discussed gem cutting with Angus Carl, you waved to the Minx brothers, you said hi to constable Wershaw, you looked at what the four dwarves had to offer in Pembrose (and they indeed confirmed the existence of Silverthane and Hammerheim, and you took Boris and his family with you because he really, really wanted to come along, and having sold his inn he was now looking at opening an inn in Bard’s Gate.

Brar threatened the ten roughians that lay in wait for you at the Quail river gorge with a celestial beating and they ran, you spotted hidden orc sentries and sent Belflin to deal with them, you had an encounter with a mountain hag that tried to charm you all, but Corian noticed what was going on and foiled her plans, you met a party of golden elves on the main road between Reme and Bard’s Gate, and they recognized Aurin and they looked at Sirion and were awed – Larin Karr the master thief, robbed! – and decided to make a little detour with the elves. Boris was hypnotized, his youngest son declared that he wanted to be an elf when he grew up, and you all waited for three days at the edge of the forest while Aurin disappeared with the statue to do the secret things elves do when they’re in their home forest.

Some trolls tried to kill you and take your stuff, but Belflin swooped up into the air and let loose the volleys of troll-hate that he has stored within the dark corners of his heart. In the end, Corian quietly put the twitching remains to the torch, just as he had seen his companions do oh so long ago at the Gaskar Pass and then in the Underdark near Bostwick. You talk of times gone by and the disappearance of Jeffar and give a chuckle remembering her admonishions. What would she have said if she had seen the riches you were travelling with? Pockets of gems, chests full of gold, bags full of jewel encrusted things, the most potent of magic arms and armor, winged boots and other strangeness.

When Aurin returned, you travelled on to Bard’s Gate, and Flax knew where to house you and where to store all the loot, and within a short time Corian installs himself as the secret head of a little guild of shady characters. He’s surrounded by a small network of eleven followers (all of them rogues level 1 except for a young captain who is a rogue level 2). Flax seems to know them all. (And enough time has passed for her to no longer be a wanted person, apparently.)

As you spend some weeks settling in and getting to know the merchants, and you realize that most shops seem to have a 1000gp limit or less, depending on the quarter… You inquire in higher up circles and find that on The Hill the limit seems to be 8000gp, but not a lot of magic users seem to available. There’s one Brelliar on the middle ring of The Hill who seems terribly befuddled, his house a bit run-down, his gardens overgrown with weeds. Apparently he often hires adventurers to retrieve rare components for his spell research.

Apparently the most powerful wizard is called Andrigor (CL 12) and lives in a tower but a block away to the North from Flax’ little guild hall, next to the the Bestiary (the “zoo”), there’s also the tower of Velior (CL 12) by the canal, two blocks to the east from Flax’ guild hall. You inquiries and investigations revealed that both of them were indeed in the business of crafting wondrous items and possibly of rings – but nobody seems to be famous for his arms and armor.

At the Sell-Sword Tavern not too far from Flax’ guild hall– run by former mercenary dwarves – you heard that the temple of Dwurfater has a martial outlook. There, dwarves pray and sig sad lamentations for their homeland, overrun by the minions of Orcus. Unfortunately access is denied to non-dwarves. But ever trying to help, Tarkon points you to another dwarven fellow in the Guild district. Thayco Manslayer runs the Keen Edge but hates spellcasters, but you pry from him the name of a fellow named Wareth Drumstrike who will be willing to arrange for the necessary weapons and suitable enchantments by Gruden Greybeard (CL 9) at the dwarven temple for a modest 25% service charge.

As you make your inquiries you’re approached by Danya Darkfeather in the Old Temple District. She asked Corian for tithes because his raven familiar was obviously sent by the Bird Goddess and Danya is a druid representing the Bird Goddess temple, here.

You also see the Shrine of Muir where Silas came from, and I’m sure Auroleva visited the shrine of Freya in the Bridge district, where Zoey the halfling keeps the fire burning and makes sure that flowers adorn the statue of the goddess every day.