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The basic idea was to add fighter stuff: Proficient with longspear, longsword and longbow, more hit-points, better base attack bonus, fortitude saves; and some paladin stuff: smite evil (any interesting alternative to that?), and a winged mount. The mount is the main non-mechanical reward that I hope will convince the player to give it a try. The class doesn’t need more spells because Auroleva is already a low-level druid and cleric – granting her more caster levels is just a nice-to-have thing that will simplify book-keeping. I’m still pondering some defensive ability like the paladin’s divine grace – a flat bonus to some or all saves, or a special ability that involves either slaying the living or raising the dead – some sort of “emergency healing” ability from the Magic Item Compendium belt.

– Alex 2008-07-24 14:09 UTC

A pretty neat idea. However, how does this prestige class help address the suboptimality (made that word up) of a multiclassed druid/cleric? This is basically an amped up paladin. She could get most of the mechanical benefits from taking levels in paladin (though alignment is a restriction) or fighter.

At the same time, I understand the story reasons behind the Valkyrie of Freya.

Some specific suggestions:

  1. Mounts are kind of annoying. But maybe it is worth it if you allow her druid levels to take with her Valkyrie levels for determining bonus druid animal companion type stuff. Alternatively, a temporary magical steed, a la phantom steed, could also be good. If we end up underground a lot, and Auroleva has a flying mount…how useful is that going to be?
  2. Perhaps make smite evil just smite, like the Destruction domain granted power.
  3. Valkyries are strongly associated with the dead. Perhaps immunity to death or necromantic effects, or at least a hefty bonus?
  4. They are also associated with war. Perhaps some bonus feats, like the Mounted Combat tree?

– Adrian 2008-07-24 15:44 UTC

You are right about mounts being annoying. What was even more annoying, however, was Belflin and Auroleva both training their horses every day with a Handle Animal check! :) This kind of special mount would be summoned, stay for a few hours, and basically give Auroleva the ability to fly – and to charge from the air. I think Moni would like that. And after that, it’ll disappear again.

Just smite – I like it!

A bonus against death effects would be awesome.

Granting the Mounted Combat and/or Mounted Archery feats would also give more flavor.

I feel encouraged and will pursue this pet project.

Alex 2008-07-24 22:57 UTC

Another thought: what are Freya’s domains? Even if you don’t grant spell progression, since the Valkyrie is something of a warrior-priest of Freya, perhaps access to addition domains would be cool.

Speak with dead, raise dead, and similar spells as spell-like abilities might give some of the cleric flavor, without giving caster levels.

I don’t think there are any balance issues here, as you’d have to give a lot of ridiculous powers to make up for Auroleva being a multiclassed druid/cleric.

– Adrian 2008-07-25 08:03 UTC

Thank you for your suggestions. They are very helpful. Freya’s domains are Animal, Good, Healing, and War.

I will add the two spell-like abilities you mentioned as spell-like abilities.

Alex 2008-07-25 10:04 UTC

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