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2008-10-05 The End

Yes, another campaign reached its end!

The party decided to ask Oberon Thanlaus about a possible contact to servants of Hecate; Oberon pointed them towards Myrrdin; Myrrdin pointed them to the abandoned temple of Hel; there they fought the cursed blackguard Edin and his half-petrified treant (and his two animated trees), transitioned over into the court of shadow fey using Myrrdin’s scroll, talked to the Dark Prince, handed him the crown, and were granted a boon. They wished for something to defeat the Undead and were granted a ring of the shadow fey each. Wearing the ring grants you a permanent hide from undead and an undead bane on all your weapons.

Just for curiosity’s sake, let me write down what happened recently, counting the XP point equivalents:

Two sessions ago:

  • Trick the guards at the gates of Darakhan (3)
  • Enter the city and do some spying in the necropolis, learn about the powers here in the White City (10)
  • More talking to locals at the tavern, learn about the legions (3)
  • Travel to the Cinnebar Mines, do some trading (2)
  • Dome of Orcus, fight two ropers (13, 13)
  • Talk their way through the legion holding the Glowing Forest (6)
  • Getting into Iddoreth (2)
  • Takling to the mage aboleth Flurvon and his daughter (8)

Divide by four players without Karamutenga ⇒ 15 points or 4500 XP each.

One session ago:

  • Fight an entire ghoul outpost (10)
  • Capture Elvossa Corpsecandle (10)
  • Travel to the Pit of All Flesh (2)
  • Avoid the fight with the drider (6)
  • Fighting the ghoul entourage (9)
  • and the fire beetle (5)
  • and lady Kairacal Shroudspinner (11)
  • and Torban Crumbtooth (9)
  • Avoiding the fight with the Lord of Old Flesh (9)
  • Finding the crown and dimension door to the surface together with the slave (10)

Divide by 4.5 players as Karamutenga missed parts of it ⇒ 18 points or 5400 XP each.

This session:

  • Talk to Oberon and Myrrdin (10)
  • Fight the blackguard (8)
  • and Granette’rout the weird half-petrified treant (9)
  • Hand the crown to the Dark Prince (10)
  • Story award at the end of the campaign (15)

Divide by 3 players without Karamutenga and Brar ⇒ 17⅓ points or 5200 XP each

Corian 53578 + 4500 + 5400 + 5200 = 68678 (Sor-10 + two new levels)
Auroleva51598 + 4500 + 5400 + 5200 = 66698 (Drd-5/Clr-5 + two new levels)
Belflin50872 + 4500 + 5400 + 5200 = 65972 (Rng-10 + a new level)
Brar46485 + 4500 + 5400 = 56385 (Cle-10 + a new level)
[[Karamutenga?]]38849 + 2700 * 1.5 = 42899 (Brb-9)
Flax21874 + (4500 + 5400 + 5200)*7/10 = 32444 (Rog-7 + a new level)

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No time for writing reports! :)

The party got the crown and freed Gundor the slave.

Back in Bard’s Gate the party searches for means of destroying the crown.

  1. Corian uses his access to the wizard’s guild and his companionship with Andrigor to guide his studies of arcane tomes. He finds references to a place called “The Gate of the Underworld” – perhaps the very gate to the realm of Orcus. Apparently anything that is cast down these tunnels is lost to mortals for all eternity.
  2. Belflin learns from Oberon Thanlaus that the mightiest creature alive is apparently living underground, a so-called cave dragon. Surely the belly of such a beast would unravel the Crown of Air and Darkness.
  3. Auroleva discusses the matter with Zoey, priestess of Freya. Her intuition indicates that Hecate, goddess of Night and Magic, must have invested a lot of her own power into the crown. Returning it to her or one of her servants would allow the goddess to unbind the crown and regain the power within. That would keep the power of the crown out of mortal hands.
  4. Brar asks Kord, …

(Questions needed. :))

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2008-08-31 Joining Jiro

This is still the third day in the Underdark. The party wants to go north towards Fleshbrook after having heard that it was a trading city of some sort. But it turns out that the road through Blinderstal is blocked. The dark creeper guards are paranoid and don’t want to let the party through. They use darkness and crossbows to beat the party back. Auroleva uses stone shape to errect a barrier giving them cover and Corian uses tongues and tries to bargain but the creatures are suspicious, rude, and want 100 gp per person to allow them passage. Corian is enraged and refuses their shameful advances. The last thing he learns is that the leader of the guards is called Romben and Corian promises them that he’ll remember that name.

The party retreats and spends another night within a rope trick.

On the fourth day they find a hidden passage leading east and stumble upon some troglodytes protecting a white bag of something. Some evil magic saps Corian’s will and apparently makes him unwilling or unable to attack and act. The white bag turns into a writhing mass of white tentacles which Auroleva manages to kill. The party discovers that the troglodytes have all been posessed by parasites that must have some sort of connection to the white creepy thing.

The party moves on towards the north west and spends another night within a rope trick.

On the fifth day the party smells sulfur in the air. At first the party takes a wrong turn and ends up in a dead end. They backtrack and the next tunnel opens upon the sulfur sea. There they take the folding boat and row north along the western coast. It’s a lonely journey in the darkness with nothing but eternal torches illuminating the yellow waters and the dark cliffs to their left.

They notice a tunnel in the rock wall and decide to investigate. The tunnel leads to large swarms of poisonous vermin that attack the party. Auroleva manages to isolate half a swarm using stone shape and the other half is reduced to ashes using burning oil. It’s a grizzly sight.

But there are more vermin swarms, the tunnel stinks of urine and sweat, and the party uses fly to cross rooms where walls, floor, and ceiling are crawling with an unnatural amount of poisonous vermin. It’s like a sight from one of the lower layers of the abyss!

Further in, the party is exploring a tunnel when suddenly they hear steps and crossbow bolts being knocked behind them and voices in front of them. And out of the darkness a mumified hand is thrown into their midst. Creepy!

Using tongues Corian discovers that they have come upon the guards of captain Vinterslass, guardian of the temple “of the king of the underworld” – whatever that means. The mummified hand is apparently a hand of doom they’ll use against the party should they be unwilling to pay the toll of 50 gp per person. This time the party agrees. Perhaps because they are not treated with obvious disdain and mistrust. Corian also discovers that this is not the passage the party is looking for! This road will not lead to Fleshbrook. Instead, the derros tell the party to go north by boat.

The party also claims to be merchants and decides to sell all their small gear (from the vampire). This language the derro understand! For 40 gp they provide some more info about the Underdark, telling the party about Vandekhul on the shores of the sulfur sea. The ghouls call it the “pure city” where the emperor has built his pleasure palace. The duke Loretto Lichmark rules Vandekhul in the emperor’s absence. The city is also known for its sulfur mines and many of the dwarven slaves they keep.

The party also learns that another way around Blinderstal involves going through some sort of mushroom forest. But if they have a boat, that shall be unnecessary. They don’t need to pay the toll, turn back north towards the sulfur sea, spend another night within a rope trick, and row north until they find the beginning of the yellow river, and there they find a lonely ragged drow named Eishveel Vandross, an escaped slave that used to work for the temple of the eight eyes in the south – the place that is marked “driders” on the party’s map. He promises to help the party and tells that his top priority right now is to retake the temple from the ghouls.

The party also learns more about the Underdark from Eishveel. It is important to not stray from the path in the mushroom forest, he says. Idoret is a half-submerged city of aboleth wizard kings, a trading post, full of refugees and refugees. Eishveel also tells them about the ghoul army: Once the ghoul fever is contracted the victim will turn into a ghoul, and once turned into a ghoul the victims will join the ghoul army. As the ghouls don’t need to breathe they like to use poisonous spores to kill all breathing things. The ghouls also like to use purple worms to eat tunnels through the earth when they’re attacking their enemy strongholds. Apparently there are twelve legions, less soldiers at the fringes of the empire, and they all fear the sunlight.

On the eve of the sixth day the party reaches Fleshbrook!

The ghoul guards stop the party and query them on their purpose. Having so much loot to sell the party plausibly explains that they are merchants travelling through. They are admitted into the ghoul trading post.

Inside, the party realizes that the city is famed for their fire beetles used as a replacement for torches. The party buys some bettles in cages and six drow slaves. Eishveel is nominated as their master. He seems to like his new task!

The party learns that Tholon Poltracht is the local cleric of the hunger god – but the party decides not to approach him. At first they considered buying some scrolls from him. The party manages to sell all their loot. A lot of money changes hands!! Every single ghoul in the city now knows the party.

The kobold merchant Jiro approaches the party looking for company on his “grand tour” of the underdark. His next stop is Darakhan – he’ll leave in two days. The party mulls it over and decides to come along. Excellent! They’re all staying at the Tailbone Tavern and are ready to leave as soon as Jiro is done with his dealings. They travel for mutual protection and claim to be his “bodyguards” even though he can’t really pay them anything meaningful.

The party learns even more about the ghoul armies from Jiro. Apparently the ghouls use army beetles in battle. They also learn about ghoul “hunters” – apparently there’s one of them here in Fleshbrook called Doresh! These hunters specialize in hunting humanoids for food or sport; they must be excellent killers.

One evening the party gets into a tavern brawl when one of the ghouls decides that Auroleva “looks tasty”. They party kills the ghouls but the innkeeper keeps the situation under control. The party learns that humanoid merchants are protected by an edict of the duke – trade is important for the ghouls and eating merchants is bad for the local economy.

At the very end of the session Auroleva asks the sword of Freya about the planned visit to Darakhan. Does visiting the white city disrupt the party’s plan? The sword’s valkyre answers by shaking her head; the answer must be “no”. But what is the party’s plan? This is what they want to do: They want to travel through the empire incognito, stirr up trouble at the peripheries, find allies where possible, gain help from the aboleth wizards, and enter the white city disguised as ghouls and using the letter of recommendation that Jeffar had sent to Zoey. Currently they suspect that showing that letter would result in immediate ghoul infection which is why the party requires a disguise.

Next step: Travel to Darakhul as part of Jiro’s entourage and check out the city without approaching the emperor or Jeffar. Learn as much as possible and move on, ending up at Idoret. Talk to the aboleth wizards.

Map of the Underdark Day 6


All five party members: Fighting Waldemar Marrowfat (9) and his ghouls (4), fighting Ingerstockvilli (10), Hendryk Gravebinder (8), and his elite dread ghoul footsoldiers (7), rescuing and talking to the refugees at the Orcus temple (8). Total: 46 × 300 XP ⇒ 2760 per person.

Corian, Auroleva, and Belflin only: Fighting the phrenic scourge (9), sailing the sulfur sea (3), bargaining with the guards at the temple of the underdark king (9), talking to Eishveel (8), tricking the guards of Fleshbrook (7), talking to Jiro (9). Total: 46 × 300 XP ⇒ 4600 per person.

Corian 47598 + 1380 + 4600 = 53578 (Sor-10)
Auroleva44238 + 2760 + 4600 = 51598 (Drd-5/Clr-5)
Brar43725 + 2760 = 46485 (Cle-10)
Belflin41212 + 2760 + 6900 = 50872 (Rng-10)
[[Karamutenga?]]36089 + 2760 = 38849 (Brb-9)
Flax18286 + 828 + 2760 = 21874 (Rog-7)

New level for Auroleva, Brar, Belflin, Flax.

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2008-08-17 To The Pillars Of The Underdark

Following Kord’s words, the party goes to the City of Ashes. Belflin finds grey flesh and tracks that leads to the mausoleum of the Laberness family. He forces Erland to get the key to the mausoleum. The party enters, finds a secret passage, and descends into the darkness.

At the end of the tunnel the party stumbles into a room covered in dwarven runes and full of ghouls. One particular ghoul is big and bloated. He seems to be the leader. As the party destroys ghoul after ghoul he decides to jump into the bone pit in the middle of the room, but at the last moment Corian jumps after him and strikes him down with a handful of magic missiles.

Down here amongst the bones Corian finds a letter:


The party follows the tracks of the ghouls further into the depths of the Underdark and spends a first night within a rope trick. The next day they meet the gnome Ingerstockvilli, last survivor of Glamire. Ghouls have overrun his city. And since he is a vampire, he asks the party for a donation of blood! But they deny him the blood and he turns gaseous and disappears.

Later the party happens upon a fight between drow, dwarves, derros, troglodytes, and ghouls. The party joins the fray and helps the refugees fight against the ghouls. The priests of Orcus are all slain and the party leaves the temple to the refugees. The dwarven leader Rambon tells the party about the ghoul armies, about the fall of Hammerheim, about Gnawbone and the tomb of the last emperor, about the dark stalkers of Blinderstal, and the yellow river of Fleshbrook under the rule of Corpsefinger. The refugees don’t want to join the party, but they will gladly take messages. The party sends word to Erland, Zoey, and Flax. The ghoul leader had a magic spear and a magic ring which the party take.

Again the party spends a night within a rope trick.

On the third “day” underground we see the party descending along a waterfall between huge pillars of the underdark. It’s a very long way down, but using fly, a ring of featherfall, and winged boots the party reaches the bottom in a few minutes. Several passages seem to meet down here. The party wants to work their way north towards Fleshbrook. As they are considering their options, they are attacked by ghouls!

Some of the ghouls use clockwork crossbows, and the gnomish vampire shows up in the party’s back! He must have betrayed the party to the ghoul patrol. The end result is a long and difficult fight, but in the end the party overcomes both ghouls and vampire.

A lot of masterwork armor & weapons are found. Magic stuff is taken along, the rest is buried in a little stash. The party also finds another letter:


XPs next session. [1]

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2008-07-27 Bard’s Gate

We did a lot of roleplay today. I had prepared some notes for every character, and I think going around around the table and everybody doing their thing worked really well.

[[Corian?]] talked to Andrigor, learnt that he was a member of the Fellowship of Note and interested in helping the current government of Bard’s Gate headed by the High Burghess Cylyria. Corian also joined the Wizards’ Guild.

Belflin was interested in finding some pure blood elves and talked to Ginivarin Krandolve at the temple of the elven god Darach-Albith. He said that the only other elves of note are the wizard Velior and his assistant Syrele Saythet, and the leader of the Farseekers of Twilight, Oberon Thanlaus. The Farseekers are the elven equivalent to the Longhunters and decidedly dedicated to the woodlands. Belflin placed some orders for wondrous items.

[[Karamutenga?]] took off one night to visit the City of Ashes, where she prayed to Orcus, ignored the scratching and knocking sounds and moved towards the speck of light up in the hills to find the Claw of Orcus, a hidden enclave of priests of Orcus. She entered the chapel, but failed to sing the proper response in the chant praising the chaotic aspect of Orcus. When she professed her eagerness to learn and serve Orcus, she was taken to the High Lord of Death, a mummy priest who mumbled several spells and anointed her a servant of Orcus.

Front Front Auroleva visited the temple of Freya and met Zoey, the halfling priestess. Zoey was very impressed with Auroleva’s aura of spiritual strength and her martial bearing, and inspired by a sudden vision of valkyries, she invited Auroleva inside and asked her to join the holy order of Valkyries of Freya (also a prestige class). Once Auroleva accepted, Zoey also handed her a scroll case containing a letter that the missing Jeffar had written her from an underground ghoul city.

I had prepared two new props for this session: An extension to the old hex map illustrating how to reach Bard’s Gate from Fairhill which people liked, and Jeffar’s letter that worked just as I had hoped it would. I should bring more props to the table!

Brar tried to figure out how to get Vanquish enchanted by the dwarves and ended up getting a letter of recommendation to the priest of Dwerfatter in Silverhelm from the proprietor of the Iron Standard.

In preparation for this plotline I had prepared a little conversation with Perton Dinhelm in Silverhelm and the quest he’d ask of Brar. I guess I get to work on it some more…

The entire party then decided to investigate the caretakers in the City of Ashes. They talked to Fuad the gardener, Erlend the archeologist, and Genevieve the bard. They also saw T’saalix the half-orc. The four seemed to be rather carefree and easy going. A night of observation reveals that the caretakers are either in league with or at least silently tolerating the Red Blades quietly getting rid of their victims by dumping them into mislabelled graves. When the three blades are confronted by Brar and Belflin, they try to take off but eventually spill their secret meeting place: The Black Viper.

When the party goes to talk to Scars at the Black Viper, they meet Tavik their Fairhill nemesis (see 2007-03-18 Adventures in Fairhill and other sessions in the Crucible of Freya module). All hell breaks loose and they slay him in less than two rounds. Karamutenga resists his slay living attempt, and he never gets to use any other spells. The leader of the assassin guild, or a at least a high-ranking member called Noria Verilath escapes at the last possible moment using invisibility, boots of speed, and swimming across the river. I bet she’s going to lie low for a while, now!

Karamutenga also manages to get her hands on Tavik’s unholy mace of Orcus

Corian also discovers that Konrad von Eberfeld is the dean of necromancy at the wizards’ guild and nobody has seen him in weeks. As the party neither knows nor suspects Karamutenga’s secret, they are stumped. What next?

Finally, Brar offered to commune with Kord, to help them decide what to do.

The tall, red-haired priest, stripped bare to his waist, lit the incense and began a long litany of prayers. “Oh great Kord, the Brawler, the Mighty Contender, the greatest of gods, He Who Crushes Giants With His Bare Hands and Slays Dragons With His Fists…”

Finally, the prayers were complete. Brar looked up to the ceiling, hands held up.

“Oh mighty Kord, the best of gods, hear now your humble servant Brar, and answer these questions, so I may be more awesome!”

The faint sound of distant thunder rumbled from above, and Brar smiled.

“Is Jeffar now an undead creature?” “HELL YEAH!”

“Does this letter lead us into a trap?” “IT’S A USEFUL TOOL.”

“Can Jeffar be saved?” “NO, FORGET IT!”

“Does Jeffar need to be destroyed?” “HELL YEAH!”

“Is Jeffar under duress or magical control?” “NO!”

“Do the intentions and plans of the Darakhul emperor threaten the surface world?” “YEAH!”

“Are there agents of the Darakhul in Bard’s Gate?” “YEAH!”

“Will the Red Blades try to retaliate?” “AH, NAH.”

“Is Konrad von Eberfeld the necromancer in the White City?” “YEAH!”

“If we accept the emperor’s quest, can we stop it?” “YES!”

“Is Conrad to be trusted?” “YES!”

“Is Jeffar’s letter misleading?” “NO.”

“Umm, are we having dinner soon?” “WHO CARES?!?”

As a final question, he proceeds to a divination, offering up his gruesome trophy: the right hand of Tavik, the half-orc cultist of Orcus they had just recently slain in Bard’s Gate. As the divine magic takes hold, he mumbles these confused lines:

Beneath the shadows of a stony paw
Flesh is ripped from bone by undead claw
Through a bone-filled pit
Kord sends you and sees fit

It must be referring to some of the older crypts in the City of Ashes, or perhaps to the old city beneath the graveyard. We’ll see.

Defeating Tavik, defeating Noria, uncovering the connection between the caretakers and the assassins, winning the alliance with Ginivarin, Zoey, the High Lord of Death, and Andrigor…

Corian 43923 + 3675 = 47598 (Sor-10)
Auroleva40563 + 3675 = 44238 (Drd-5/Clr-4)
Brar40050 + 3675 = 43725 (Cle-9)
Belflin35700 + 5512 = 41212 (Rng-9)
[[Karamutenga?]]30577 + 5512 = 36089 (Brb-9)
Flax15836 + 2450 = 18286 (Rog-6)

I’m switching to a somewhat simplified XP mechanism. I’m assigning “points” to the goals achieved and hand out 300 XP per point. The default for dangerous stuff is number of points = average party level. The points I assigned were 9, 9, 7, 6, 6, 6, 6, thus 300*(9+9+7+6+6+6+6)/4 = 3675. If your character level is above party average, you get 50% XP, if your character level is below average you get 50% extra XP, thus 3675*1.5 ≈ 5512. A cohort gets the character’s XP / character level * cohort level, thus 3675 / 9 * 6 = 2450.

New levels for Corian, Belflin, and Karamutenga.

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2008-07-08 Transition

So you’ve loaded your mounts, packed your treasures, made your good byes, sat on Crus’ roof for the last time, looking at the forest of Nin and talking about the green dragon, you’ve talked to Felix & Penelope Wurst at the Hog’s Head Inn, you discussed gem cutting with Angus Carl, you waved to the Minx brothers, you said hi to constable Wershaw, you looked at what the four dwarves had to offer in Pembrose (and they indeed confirmed the existence of Silverthane and Hammerheim, and you took Boris and his family with you because he really, really wanted to come along, and having sold his inn he was now looking at opening an inn in Bard’s Gate.

Brar threatened the ten roughians that lay in wait for you at the Quail river gorge with a celestial beating and they ran, you spotted hidden orc sentries and sent Belflin to deal with them, you had an encounter with a mountain hag that tried to charm you all, but Corian noticed what was going on and foiled her plans, you met a party of golden elves on the main road between Reme and Bard’s Gate, and they recognized Aurin and they looked at Sirion and were awed – Larin Karr the master thief, robbed! – and decided to make a little detour with the elves. Boris was hypnotized, his youngest son declared that he wanted to be an elf when he grew up, and you all waited for three days at the edge of the forest while Aurin disappeared with the statue to do the secret things elves do when they’re in their home forest.

Some trolls tried to kill you and take your stuff, but Belflin swooped up into the air and let loose the volleys of troll-hate that he has stored within the dark corners of his heart. In the end, Corian quietly put the twitching remains to the torch, just as he had seen his companions do oh so long ago at the Gaskar Pass and then in the Underdark near Bostwick. You talk of times gone by and the disappearance of Jeffar and give a chuckle remembering her admonishions. What would she have said if she had seen the riches you were travelling with? Pockets of gems, chests full of gold, bags full of jewel encrusted things, the most potent of magic arms and armor, winged boots and other strangeness.

When Aurin returned, you travelled on to Bard’s Gate, and Flax knew where to house you and where to store all the loot, and within a short time Corian installs himself as the secret head of a little guild of shady characters. He’s surrounded by a small network of eleven followers (all of them rogues level 1 except for a young captain who is a rogue level 2). Flax seems to know them all. (And enough time has passed for her to no longer be a wanted person, apparently.)

As you spend some weeks settling in and getting to know the merchants, and you realize that most shops seem to have a 1000gp limit or less, depending on the quarter… You inquire in higher up circles and find that on The Hill the limit seems to be 8000gp, but not a lot of magic users seem to available. There’s one Brelliar on the middle ring of The Hill who seems terribly befuddled, his house a bit run-down, his gardens overgrown with weeds. Apparently he often hires adventurers to retrieve rare components for his spell research.

Apparently the most powerful wizard is called Andrigor (CL 12) and lives in a tower but a block away to the North from Flax’ little guild hall, next to the the Bestiary (the “zoo”), there’s also the tower of Velior (CL 12) by the canal, two blocks to the east from Flax’ guild hall. You inquiries and investigations revealed that both of them were indeed in the business of crafting wondrous items and possibly of rings – but nobody seems to be famous for his arms and armor.

At the Sell-Sword Tavern not too far from Flax’ guild hall– run by former mercenary dwarves – you heard that the temple of Dwurfater has a martial outlook. There, dwarves pray and sig sad lamentations for their homeland, overrun by the minions of Orcus. Unfortunately access is denied to non-dwarves. But ever trying to help, Tarkon points you to another dwarven fellow in the Guild district. Thayco Manslayer runs the Keen Edge but hates spellcasters, but you pry from him the name of a fellow named Wareth Drumstrike who will be willing to arrange for the necessary weapons and suitable enchantments by Gruden Greybeard (CL 9) at the dwarven temple for a modest 25% service charge.

As you make your inquiries you’re approached by Danya Darkfeather in the Old Temple District. She asked Corian for tithes because his raven familiar was obviously sent by the Bird Goddess and Danya is a druid representing the Bird Goddess temple, here.

You also see the Shrine of Muir where Silas came from, and I’m sure Auroleva visited the shrine of Freya in the Bridge district, where Zoey the halfling keeps the fire burning and makes sure that flowers adorn the statue of the goddess every day.

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2008-07-06 Treasure

Today was the day! After finding Brar to replace Silas, and after summoning a spirit naga and leaving her to her own devices within the Magic Circle of Protection Against Evil, after investigating yet another fake tomb and another fake treasure chamber (it seemed already looted), at the very end of it all, the party found the fabulous treasure of Larin Karr.

There were bracers, a cloak, a bow, a vestment, boots, beads, swords, armor, thousands of gold, and much more. Each party member got about 40’000gp including some magic items:

Corian bracers of armor +2, cloak of Charisma +233710gp
Belflin +2 mighty composite longbow (+4)32910gp
Auroleva druid’s vestment, winged boots15710gp
Brar necklace of prayer beads (karma)21710gp

The +3 bastardsword, the +3 large steel shield, and the +2 plate armor were sold. The bag of holding (type 2) was kept.

Challenges overcome: Rock trap CR 10, two barbazu devils CR 5, spirit naga CR 9, two poison gas traps CR 10.

Corian 39873 + 4050 = 43923 (Sor-9)Belflin39080 → 32000 + 3700 = 35700 (Rng-8)Auroleva36513 + 4050 = 40563 (Drd-4/Clr-5)Brar36000 + 4050 = 40050 (Cle-9)Flax 13586 + 2250 = 15836 (Rog-6)

New level for Flax!

Comments on 2008-07-06 Treasure

Shouldn’t Belflin actually earn more XP, because he ran through most of the session at level 8, after being raised? I think the crushing rock trap was the first monster/challenge we encountered. – Adrian

I think what happens is that Belflin gets XP for the trap, dies (→ back to 32000) and then gets XP for everything else, ie. without the first trap. – Alex

Ah yes, my bad. And since the first trap is CR 10, that is a lot of XP. – Adrian

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2008-06-21 Fool’s Gold

The party gained access to the white key by talking to the Regis’ couple, promising them to either return the diamond, or pay 10k. Unfortunately the party was attacked by an elder xorn at the entrance and Silas was killed. He was subsequently raised by Jeffar in Bostwick, but that put a little dampener on the players. And on top of that, Nic announced that he preferred playing board games and was going to quit the game! Oh well… Thus, Silas will be quitting the game.

The party then made a second entry, explored tunnels, and finally found some treasure. When trying to sell it to Angus Carl in Twain, however, it turns out that it’s all enchanted copper and glass beads! Damn! Fooled by Larin Karr…


Challenges overcome: Elder xorn CR 8, two wraiths CR 5, pit trap CR 2.

Corian 39030 + 843 = 39873 (Sor-9)Belflin 38237 + 843 = 39080 (Rng-9)Auroleva35438 + 1075 = 36513 (Drd-4/Clr-5)Silas31985 + 1075 = 33060 (Cle-8)Flax 13118 + 843*5/9 = 13586 (Rog-5)

New level for Auroleva!

Comments on 2008-06-21 Fool’s Gold

I thought they gave us the gems as a ‘gift of good will’ in the hope that we would return the ‘good will’, should we happen to encounter upon a certain green dragon that has started making trouble in the area.

Marco 2008-06-21 08:16 UTC

Claudia agrees with you.

But Regis will remember the following:

  1. They handed over the diamond because you’re helping the people in the valley.
  2. When they asked you to kill the green dragon in addition to doing whatever you were going to do, you declined and said that maybe you would do it, if they were appropriately helpful.
  3. Then they gave you the diamond to use for whatever you wanted to use it for.
  4. You promised to either return the diamond, or replace it if you cannot. The price for replacement would be 10’000 gp.

Claudia maintains that we spent a lot of time on discussing the last point (#4). I continue to believe that we talked a long time about whether you should promise to kill the green dragon or not (#2).


I’m hearing Corian threatening the poor guy already.

– AlexSchroeder 2008-06-21 21:59 UTC

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2008-05-18 Gorl

Using Corian’s Dimension Door and Bluff skill, the party manages to steal the last key to the vault from under Gorl’s nose.

All these sessions, Corian had a high Bluff check and never used it. This session it all came together.

At first they saw a few bugbears in the distance. Corian turned invisible, Flax and Belflin hid in the shadows, and Aurleva cast Barkskin on herself. The bugbears ran. They found a piece of leather armor with a drow inscription saying “Hairy Fang Scout Battallion, 3rd Squad” or something the like. I’m assuming their dark elf masters know at least some of the party’s strengths. And the drow have had various other contacts with them: The drow party confronting the orcs at the underdark lake, the drow wizard living with the Crushed Skull orcs, the bugbears that ran when Belflin startled them at their camp fire near the ogre cave… Random encounters are forcing me to add a significant element of drow elements to the campaign’s future.

Later they saw two of the bugbears slain and one of them with pieces of grey dessicated flesh on his morningstar. The enemies must have used bows. Weird.

Finally the party met 13 gnolls lying in wait for them. Did the bugbears order this attack? Maybe. On a whim I decided to add a hidden hill giant to the mix. The two flying invisible archers were surprised to find the hill giant there, but within seconds the fight was over, the gnolls and the hill giant ran, the gnolls carrying torches for the hill giant, illuminating the target for Belflin. The last gnolls finally dropped the torches… The party found 1000 gp and two scrolls. Nice.

To bad Silas the cleric wasn’t there when the party met three wraiths. Two got Constitution drained and they decided to try something new: Cast Fly on themselves and use Dimension Door to get to the surface. I ruled that this was no problem.

Some healing in Bostwick, and they returned by the same route. I let them have 1d6 damage for missing the tunnel by a bit, but nothing serious. They found the wall accross the tunnel and the two towers. A flying invisible language comprehending Flax went ahead and discovered the goblin archers. The party decides to bluff their way in – as gem traders! They have enough jewelry on them, excellent Bluff checks, and Corian knows the Tongues spell. Excellent choices in order to avoid combat. They meet Gorl, show them their gems, ask for the hexagonal gem, are shown the statue of Belphegor, and learn that it is not for sale. The party leaves, holes up in extradimensional space using the Rope Trick, and the next day they use two Dimension Door spells to get to the gem. The first Dimension Door took them into the kennel of the hell hounds, but Corian uses the surprise round to cast the second Dimension Door which takes them to the statue. The giant wakes, but on the second try Corian’s cohort Flax has retrieved the gem from the statue, they all link hands, and use a third Dimension Door to get out. As they prepared by using Fly on themselves, no problem.

The session really allowed Corian to shine.

All that remains is to get the gem hanging around Winifred Baum’s neck. Corian tries to talk her out of it, but she gets a +15 circumstance bonus unless he tells her a “spectacular” story. They failed to convince the poor woman and now they really need to think of other ways to get to the gem… We already established that an equivalent real-looking gem was probably worth around 10’000 gp. Quite a lot…

Generally speaking the party is now very famous in the valley. People believe they’ll get rid of the green dragon of Twain for them, that the priestess of the temple of the everlasting sun, Jeffar, has been gaining in power and grace ever since she raised Belflin the elf from the dead, and with Corian talking about “his party” to Winifred Baum I think it won’t be long until people will wonder how Crus is going to react to this all.


Challenges overcome: Thirteen gnools CR 1, Bog the hill giant CR 7, the poison needle trap on the chest CR 2, four goblin archers in the tower CR 2, Gorl the fire giant and cleric of Belphegor CR 10.

Corian 36855 + 2175 = 39030 (Sor-9)Belflin 36062 + 2175 = 38237 (Rng-9)Auroleva31938 + 3500 = 35438 (Drd-4/Clr-4)Silas31985 (Cle-8)Flax 11910 + 2175*5/9 = 13118 (Rog-5)

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2008-04-27 Klusko

The second key is found by defeating the ogres!

Belflin, Silas, and Auroleva delve into the Underdark, looking for the temple of Belphegor, the evil god of fire.

On the first day, they meet some Gnolls, but using sign language the two groups pass each other. During the night, the gnolls come back. The party feigns sleeping, and the gnolls decide to attack! The fourteen gnolls did not last long and a chest loaded with 1300 gp was discovered. Some sort of tribute to be paid, maybe?

On the second day, a wraith was fought and bested, and a group of Crushed Skull orcs was met later that day. One of the orcs knew Giant and gave Belflin directions to the ogre caves. The party followed the directions, got overtaken by the orcs by nightfall, but again nothing happened.

On the third day, the party reached a big cave and discovered a red dragon called Thuskamasker in an abandoned Belphegor temple. The dragon graciously agreed to a gift of 1300 gp in a wooden chest and let Belflin go.

The party also found a secret door with an Infernal inscription but did not investigate.

And the party got into a fight with some ogres. Their surviving leader Klusko offered to find a hexagonal gem for 1000 gp after all but two of his clan were killed. Belflin, growing suspicious, decided to search the premise and discovered the very key they were looking for in the ogre’s treasure chest.

Hurray! :)

The party also befriended a lonesome & lost hobgoblin and finally arranged for him to become Crus’ servant.


Challenges overcome: thirteen gnolls CR 1, one wraith CR 5, ten ogres CR 3, Klusko CR 7, hobgoblin CR 1

Corian 36855 (Sor-9)Belflin 32996 + 3066 = 36062 (Rng-9)Silas28919 + 3066 = 31985 (Cle-8)Auroleva28872 + 3066 = 31938 (Drd-4/Clr-4)Karamutenga 30577 (Brb-8)Flax 11910 (Rog-5)

Comments on 2008-04-27 Klusko

Something’s amis… Belflin’s 9th level and got the same XP as the 8th level guys.

See how honest(/stupid) I am?

– Marco 2008-04-29 06:50 UTC

Sometimes you’re unlucky. But in this case, 36’000 is enough for level nine.

– AlexSchroeder 2008-04-29 10:13 UTC

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