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The most important rules:

  1. Use empty lines to separate paragraphs
  2. Link to other wiki pages using double square brackets: [[example]]
  3. Shortcuts for simple words: *bold* /italic/ _underline_

Formatting Rules

**bold**  //italic//  __underline__  ##monospaced##  ++insert++ %%nomarkup%%

[[page link]]
                      [ text]
[[page link|text]]    [[|text]] shows the image because of the extension used
[] looks like a footnote: [1]

Use double backslashes to\\force a linebreak

* bullet list item    - bullet list item     # numbered list item
* bullet list item    - bullet list item     # numbered list item
** sublist item                              ## sublist item

Note the space after the asterix, minus, or number sign.

When producing a table, whitespace determines the cell alignment.
Empty cells get merged with any following cells to span columns.

|= colum header        |= column header     |
|left aligned cell     |left aligned cell   |
|  centered cell       | centered cell      |
|    right aligned cell|  right aligned cell|
||merged two columns into a single cell     |

== section heading
=== subsection heading
==== minor heading

Use four dashes for horizontal lines:

blocks of code

Works {{{inside paragraphs}}}, too.


How do I proceed to add the image big castle.jpg to the current page? The simplest solution is to simply paste it into the text area as you edit a page.


  1. Click on Edit this page
  2. At the position where you want the image to appear, add [[image:big castle.jpg]]
  3. Click on Save
  4. Click on the question-mark after [[image:big castle.jpg]]
  5. Click on Browse… and choose the file
  6. Click on Save

What happened? The image big castle.jpg was saved to a page of the same name. This is actually optional. If you want, you could have used [[image:Our Castle]] instead. The image would have ended up on a page called “Our Castle”.

To float your image to the left or right, use [[image/right:big castle.jpg]] or [[image/left:big castle.jpg]].

To resize images, you can use an application like Gimp.


In order to make it easier for people used to typical forum markup, BBCode is also supported.

[b]this text is bold[/b]
[i]this text is italic[/i]
[u]this text is underlined[/u]
[s]this text is striked through[/s] [strike]and this too[/strike]
[sub]subscript[/sub] [sup]superscript[/sup]
[color=blue]this text is blue[/color]
[size=+2]this text is two sizes larger than normal[/size]
[font=courier]this text is in the courier font[/font]
[quote]quoted text[/quote]
[code]monospaced text[/code]
  [*]item one
  [*]item two
[left]float left[/left] or [left width=400px]float left[/left]
[right]float right[/right] or [right width=20%]float right[/right]
[center]center text[/center]
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You can only fonts hosted on this server for the font element!


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Deleting a Page

You can mark pages for deletion using various methods:

Pages marked for deletion will be deleted by the maintenance job after 90 days.