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The most important rules:

  1. Use empty lines to separate paragraphs
  2. Link to other wiki pages using double square brackets: [[example]]
  3. Shortcuts for simple words: *bold* /italic/ _underline_

Formatting Rules

**bold**  //italic//  __underline__  ##monospaced##  ++insert++ %%nomarkup%%

[[page link]]
                      [ text]
[[page link|text]]    [[|text]] shows the image because of the extension used
[] looks like a footnote: [1]

Use double backslashes to\\force a linebreak

* bullet list item    - bullet list item     # numbered list item
* bullet list item    - bullet list item     # numbered list item
** sublist item                              ## sublist item

Note the space after the asterix, minus, or number sign.

When producing a table, whitespace determines the cell alignment.
Empty cells get merged with any following cells to span columns.

|= colum header        |= column header     |
|left aligned cell     |left aligned cell   |
|  centered cell       | centered cell      |
|    right aligned cell|  right aligned cell|
||merged two columns into a single cell     |

== section heading
=== subsection heading
==== minor heading

Use four dashes for horizontal lines:

blocks of code

Works {{{inside paragraphs}}}, too.


How do I proceed to add the image big castle.jpg to the current page? The simplest solution is to simply paste it into the text area as you edit a page.


  1. Click on Edit this page
  2. At the position where you want the image to appear, add [[image:big castle.jpg]]
  3. Click on Save
  4. Click on the question-mark after [[image:big castle.jpg]]
  5. Click on Browse… and choose the file
  6. Click on Save

What happened? The image big castle.jpg was saved to a page of the same name. This is actually optional. If you want, you could have used [[image:Our Castle]] instead. The image would have ended up on a page called “Our Castle”.

To float your image to the left or right, use [[image/right:big castle.jpg]] or [[image/left:big castle.jpg]].

To resize images, you can use an application like Gimp, or get a Flickr account and upload your pictures. This will give you access to the image you uploaded in various sizes.


In order to make it easier for people used to typical forum markup, BBCode is also supported.

[b]this text is bold[/b]
[i]this text is italic[/i]
[u]this text is underlined[/u]
[s]this text is striked through[/s] [strike]and this too[/strike]
[sub]subscript[/sub] [sup]superscript[/sup]
[color=blue]this text is blue[/color]
[size=+2]this text is two sizes larger than normal[/size]
[font=courier]this text is in the courier font[/font]
[quote]quoted text[/quote]
[code]monospaced text[/code]
  [*]item one
  [*]item two
[left]float left[/left] or [left width=400px]float left[/left]
[right]float right[/right] or [right width=20%]float right[/right]
[center]center text[/center]
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Deleting a Page

You can mark pages for deletion using various methods:

Pages marked for deletion will be deleted by the maintenance job after 90 days.