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Comments on Thoughts about M20

I’m unconvinced that M20 is great. I mean, I’m not opposed to it, and it’s not a complete flop. It works - at least so far. But I left the session on monday feeling somehow mediocre about the whole thing.

I can describe my character with as much detail as I want, but technically it’s all the same. A character has a class, three primary abilities, an armour class, and hit points. I find that M20 characters are somehow.. undefined. You can do whatever you want, and so can everyone. You want to swing on a rope, climb a building, ride a wild pony, whatever… you’ve just got to paint a nice cinematic picture and sell it to the DM. Maybe you’ll have to roll, but since there aren’t any skills there is only strength, dex or mind to choose from.

It’s difficult to describe, but DnD just excites me more. I look forward to finding this item, or gaining that ability, or whatever. Each level is clearly defined, and leaves me with a number of decisions to make which have definite consequences. As time goes on each character takes on his or her own speciality. Two characers from any class can be functionally completely different. M20 splits characters into fighters, clerics and wizards. You can paint them differently using background and personality, but they’re essentially the same.

Something which I did like about the last session is that I was able to design some of my own spells. Instead of being a wizard I have my own, very personalised set of spells. I enjoyed that.

– Marco 2008-10-11 16:01 UTC