Iiro Kendle is the fith son of Orimono Kendle, one of the Merchant Lords of Nirisuna.

Nirisuna sits on the Suna River Delta, next to the Heartsfire Mountians and The Shattered Sea in Eastern Sagoa.

As fith son Iiro is unlikely to ever atain any position of responsibility in the Kendle family. His best chance is through success as a trader, posibily founding his own merchant dynasty. With this in mind Iiro collected some investments for a trade expedition to the far north, gathered a small number of trusted servants, and set off for new territory. Nirisuna is known for it’s fine cloth and silks, so this was a natural trade item. His father, in an unusual gesture, perhapse in recognition of the dangerous challenge that Iiro has set for himself, presented him with Zephyre, a katana that is disguised as a walking stick. Zephyre has been in the family for generations, and Iiro is honoured to carry this blade. Zephyre is a +1 katana, and also floats alongside its owner, ready to be used as needed.

Iiro has headed north for over 1 year, along the way he has found many new markets for his goods, and every step north has brought greater prices. Iiro thinks that a trade route north could be very profitable, however he is now thinking about how to set up trade posts, and establishing a market for his fine good.

Along the way Iiro has confronted bandits and monsters, and too his surprise found that his dabling in magic, originally little more than a hobby, has saved his life on a number of occassions. He is rapidly gaining proficiency.

Much now appears to be close to disaster however. They had battled bandits before, however in the jungle, overwealming attacks by bandits killed all his servants and guards, including his favoured servants Sigony and Wegens. Now his remaining trade good stolen by barbarian elves, his people lost or killed, he is wondering about the next thing to do. On the one hand he should take his knowledge and experience back to Nirisuna, and prepare for a new trade expedition. However, he is reluctant to return without something substantial to show for this journey, and he is also gaining a taste for adventure.

In the recent Elf attacks he has gained a new companion, who might go a little way to replace his servants, a massive lion called Suma.

Iiro Kendle - Character sheet

Str 10 (+0) Dex 8 (-1) Mind 15 (+2)

HP 22 AC 9

Attack +4 (+5 with Zephyre) Magic attack +6

Iiro knows the following languages, through his trading experience and travels

These travels have also given him a good working knowledge of geography

Iiro is skilled in Diplomacy, though he finds these northern barbarian types to be strange and uncultured, he is also a good judge of people, as needed for a merchant

Iiro dislikes physical labor, even when it’s done by a servant, though if absolutly necessary is happy to instruct minions and servants in the work that is needed. He knows that with his superior intelect, background, and upbringing, he is well suited to leading less people.