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Kassandra from the order of the One, divine crusader (cleric-human) (8)

strength: 20 (strangly it looks like 6)
Dex: 8
Mind: 6

HP: 20+8d6 (48)
AC: 15

Full plate, sword+1


Tall, pale woman with long golden hair, with a missing left ear. Very beautiful. Joined the order 5 years ago.

Kassandras family

Kassandra was born as the third child of Anamara the bold and Inmer the faithfull, both important members of the order. The firstborn, Kassandras brother, refused to get his ear cut off (see below) and left the family. His whereabout is unknown. It’s possible that he started a criminal career. The oldest daughter was sent to a secret mission long time ago and missing since then. Kassandra wants to find her. Her mother tries to get infos about the secret mission. The youngest daughter just joined the order.

Her family is part of the order since centuries.

Ancient family lore states some divine heritage, but this is unproven.

The order of the One

The order of the One is a politically neutral order which fights evil in all its form recklessly. No matter how strong you were before joining the order, the One will imbue its followers with godlike strengths which seems to come from the inside. The order can be joined at the age of 15. In the initiation ritual, the left ear of the female adepts will be cut off and the sign of the order, a spiral, will be burnt above the emerging scar. The male adepts must sacrifice their right ear. After the ritual the adept becomes a true divine crusader, and a magical ring with the symbol of the order, the spiral, is granted to them.

Members of the order are well respected by the local aristocracy.

Spells cast by a member of the order fail if the recipient is not worthy. Might be the divine crusader himself. Healing spells are automatically the favorite spell of any member of the order.

The divine crusaders are loyal to the order and will obey their commands without asking. Sometimes they gather to wage war against evil on a greater scale. Every worthy evil foe which was slayn by a divine crusader gets the symbol of the order, the spiral, burnt on their forehead.

Members of the order do not have a lastname. After years of loyal service, however, the will get an addition to their name, like “the bold”.

Members of the order never ever use shields, as this is a sign of weakness. They believe that the best defense is to crush the evil opponent as soon as possible.

When they enter battle against worthy opponents, they can call the name of their god, Iomedae, and the ring starts glowing with a bright light.

When a situation gets desperate, they can try to call the name of the One once more, and sometimes the one intervenes