Report 1 from Iiro

Report of Iiro Kendle

Day 182 of the Kendle Northern Expedition We were attacked today by more of these elves. I did not understand their motives, and they declined to discuss things. I had though initially that this might be some rough northern negotiation process, however their interest appeared to be only in destruction. I begin to worry that we should have not have ventured into this jungle.

The natives of this land gave hints that there were gems and precious gems here, and such items could be used to buy my fine goods. But these persistent bandits may disrupt everything.

Day 183 of the Kendle Northern Expedition We lost the last wagon today. Alchemical fire from the elvish bandits caught in the Green Leaf Half Weave Double Stitched Brocade Silk, my finest remaining bolt of cloth. Nothing could be done to save it, and my remaining guards were killed in the battle to get away. With the wagon I lost all the proceeds for my great Northern Expedition, and my trusted servant Sigony. Wegun fell to the attack 2 days previous. I have now no remaining countrymen here in this grim place.

I have maintained accurate logs of my business in the north, and once the appropriate authorities are identified it should be possible to obtain reimbursements for my losses.

Day 184 of the Kendle Northern Expedition Chased through the fetid jungle four full days by stinking barbarian elves, I have now lost all my trade goods and equipment, all my servants and porters are slain, the horses and donkeys cut down or scattered. All is lost, and I am alone here in these alien lands. I remain strong however, and I have some provisions, so there is still hope. The natives who sent us to this evil place made reference to an outpost, Nightfall Station, I will try to find this, though I do not know where it may lie.

Day 185 of the Kendle Northern Expedition By pure chance I stumbled on Nightfall station. A small group of elves chased me for some miles, but as I worried that my last strength had faded, rough looking human mercenaries came to my aid, at the edge of a river. For a brief moment I thought that my glorious days on this world were ended, I am pleased to find that this is not come to pass.

The local leader here, going by the name Mynafee Gorse appears to be a civilized man, if not cultured. I have agreed with him that I will remain in nightfall station for some days, to plan my next moves. I had thought that in my poor bargaining position he might have taken the chance to obtain a long term advantage from me, however he appears to be concerned only by the attacks from the jungle. Very short sighted to my mind. In return for the protection of this camp, I will bring my mighty magics to his aid, as needed. I also obtained some rude provisions with which to construct myself a more suitable shelter instead of the primitive woods building these people appear to favor. It is a good sign that their negotiations can be disrupted so easily.

Day 186 of the Kendle Northern Expedition I see that this place, which will serve as my base for some short while, is a terrible rough spot, though fine in comparison with the delights offered by the elves in their stinking jungle. Part of this encampment is taken up with a building housing the rotten and stinking remains of their dead, and the dead elves attacking this place. They do not even bother to burn their dead, but leaving them to fester in a great pile. I find it difficult to understand why one group of barbarians is so intent on killing another group of barbarians, I assume that it must by racially motivated since there would appear to be little profit available to either side from this battle.

Day 187 of the Kendle Northern Expedition This camp appears to be made up of some 30 northern barbarian mercenaries. I have established that most are of low intelligence, however they are strong, and fierce. Mynafee Gorse and Secretary Petrune appear to be the only ones of much thought. The camp is sufficient to defend against the simple attacks so far, and I will remain here until I can establish my next plans.

I have approached Petrune to identify some trade opportunities, he appears to be interested, but is distracted. Obviously, since I have nothing currently to trade, he may be suspicious, and I suppose that the continuous attacks by these nasty elves could be distracting him, which is a little odd, since I took him for a proper trader, but I will make it clear to him the money to be gained from this enterprise. I am sure he will see the light, once he stops worrying about his imminent demise.

Mynafee has indicated that shortly there will be additional reinforcements, I begin to think that once there are additional mercenaries here we might strike into the jungle and find the source of these vicious attacks. I am certain that once the true situation is understood these elves will clearly see the benefits of trade over violence. Clearly it will take them some time to repay my losses, however they will understand the long term benefits of trade with Nirisuna.

Day 188 of the Kendle Northern Expedition Reinforcements have arrived. Not quite what I expected. I admit that I had assumed that there would be some hundreds of heavily armed northern military men. Instead of a significant martial force we have; a [[Sortrun?|strange looking ranger]]; a silent cleric, who has remained hidden in his room praying to some deity or other; a very disturbed circus performer of some kind, who appears to be a very small human; and [[Elduron?|an enormous barbarian]]. The barbarian looks useful; enormously strong, of uncertain mental strength, and blessed with a truly enormous sword, but I feel some 50 more of his kind would be useful.

The ranger, who I understand is known as Sortrun, has taken to gambling with the other mercenaries already. Elduron, the barbarian, has gone to seek willing companionship from the ladies of the night. A journey that will take him some distance from here I fear. The clown, Pepe, devoted most of the evening to painting all the disgusting elf heads on sticks that these people keep about their camp. I fear for the safety of this place.

I have prevailed upon Mynafee to lend me some men, and I am constructing some palisades, and a trap or two. I had thought that these people might have done this themselves, however since I appear to value my skin more than they do, I will take it upon myself to do this thing.

Day 189 of the Kendle Northern Expedition Following some attacks this night, I was able to obtain some intelligence from one of the eleves. A weak minded fellow he gave up his information to my magic might. I now have some idea of the location of the elf camp, it is near a volcano, half a days march into the jungle. The elf, called Lariel, gave some fantastic story of slavery and terror in these parts, sourced from this very station. Clearly this elf is of very limited mind, but with an extraordinary imagination.

I agreed with Mynafee to lead an expedition to seek the source of the elvish attacks. Unfortunately I had only the clown, the ranger, Elduron, and two mercenaries, Olaf, and Grum to come with me. I thought that if I could identify the location of the elves, I might be able to negotiate with them. This proved to be impossible. The elves attacked us relentlessly, both towards the volcano, and back again. The only benefit of the trip was some 15 elf bows that their original owners no longer needed. These appear to be of some quality, and may be the basis of trade. My people may like to have such trinkets from the terrible northern tribes to hang on their walls.

The clown appears to have some small magical ability that is useful in a fight, the ranger certainly can shoot that bow of his. The barbarian is truly fearsome. I have never before seen so many half-elves, which his sword appears to be able to create in great numbers.

Day 190 of the Kendle Northern Expedition This night saw the greatest attack so far, hoards of elves striking from the jungle. Some appear to have fallen for my traps. Thankfully these mercenaries appeared to be up to the task of holding the camp, so I instead took the opportunity to befriend a wild creature that had made its way into nightfall station. A fine jungle lion, he has agreed to be my friend, and I have named him Suma.

As a result of the battle, some of the mystery of the elves appears to have been uncovered. It transpires that Petrune was responsible for all this. I understand why now he appeared distracted. However I am sure that his overly complex scheme involving undead miners, and annoyed elves would ultimately have proven less profitable than setting up a trade route as part of my business empire. As he is dead now we will never know.

I had thought to return home but some of the mercenaries have decided to press on, into the jungle, seaking fabled riches. I may yet go along, this may be a chance to gain some measure of compensation for the disruption I have had…

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