Lair of the Red Blade Goblins

Ike, Elfriede, Marjek and Misaria decide to investigate the Goblin Lair they found. It is mostly deserted, but littered with corpses and remains of old and deceased goblins. One of the corpses was home to freshly grown Stirges, who were fought off – Ike and Marjek got them through the door one-by-one, and they were dispatched easily. A chamber with refuse housed a number of giant rats who were partially fought off, and partially locked into the room.

The group stumbles a goblin breeding room where Proto Goblins are found in their little pots. Ike sends his dog out, who is bitten into the belly as he tries to mark on a goblin vat. As the proto goblins eats through the dogs’ body, a couple more spring to life from the commotion and attack the group. Misaria is covered in exploding proto goblin goo, but the threat is dealt with decisively. Marjek scoops up some of the goo to experiment with later. Marjek investigates the pots and finds markings of dark magic on the bottom that pulls energy from the earth. Some speculation is made about what would happen if Ike’s dead dog would be put into one of the pot, but Ike, angry about his dog’s death, smashes all the pots before anyone can try and find out (but Marjek copied the glyphs to his spellbook for eventual later research).

Finally they find the strong room which is locked, and Ike smashes the door open. Inside are six gigantic Mutant Goblin Dogs which ravenously attack the group. Marjek is knocked over and loses consciousness before he can cast a sleep spell, and the group hastily retreats to the breeding room (taking Marjek with them). They rest there over night and prepare attacking the mutant goblin dogs the next day; and this time due to strategic positioning and luck of the initiative, the shrews are put to magical sleep and killed unceremoniously.

The loot from the strong room includes a tapestry showing a green dragon flying over some woods, money, trinkets, and a trap gem that explodes when Misaria tries to nudge it carefully. Almost everyone is covered in flying shards, but no further damage is done.

Out of the lair again, it turns out that Misaria’s skin has turned to the chalky white patchiness of Goblins, and she also developed reddish eyes (both reversible via Cure Disease).