The Black Mirror

The characters (Stefan, Valeria, Elforge) made it into the temple with some preparation and sneakiness, evading the pixies and clearing out the small underground temple which sported mostly skeletons, a trapped ladder (evaded), a trapped passage, and the room where the black mirror cursing everyone to turn chaotic was hanging, guarded by two gargoyles.

The Gargoyles guarding the black mirror proved to be dangerous enough for the group to flee the temple once and lick their wounds staying with the Vyailia elves. I think I managed to describe the elven settlement at the lake as somewhat out of time and the elves continued to be unawares of pressing matters like “our friend will turn crazy in five days if we don’t do something”.

The elves confirmed that they know old stories about a black mirror which turns all elves irredeemably evil in very short time; the general consensus seems to be that the elves declared the island taboo because of the mirror but forgot it’s there and kept up the taboo as is.

In a very climactic battle against the gargoyles, the group finally managed to destroy the black mirror. The module describes how the mirror breaks when the gargoyles are killed, but not the other way round. The players questioned whether the gargoles should survive the breaking of the mirror, and I came up with an ad-hoc ruling that depending on the result of a check, the gargoyles need to save vs. magic once every 3/2/1 rounds before their magic expires (with a small chance of breaking immediately or never).

This prolonged the fight somewhat, but gave the players without magic weapons something to do, if only rolling to see when the next save was due …

It was also the first session where two rolls on the death and dismemberment table yielded the “Adrenaline Surge!” and “Just escaped Death!” results; usually we see broken limbs and lost body parts.

So, overall, great game. I was especially happy about our new player (her third session overall!) that continued to ask for details to improve the groups chances of actually surviving. I also liked the players organizing resource tracking (turns, spell durations, torch burning times). Very nice.

The Pixies, freed from their dark curse, which they remember like some bad dream, happily returned the statue to the elves, who in turn paid off the characters as originally agreed upon.

I think I owe it to the players to step up my game in presenting an interesting game world though; my descriptions sometimes are flat.

Next time they’ll travel to the dwarven gold mine to sell off the mirror frame; the players think the dwarves are the closest set of people interested in something diamond encrusted.