The Lake Of Lost Dreams, Return to Dymrak Forest

As the group scrambles to pursue Fyodoril, one of the Vyaila Elves, Elfriede, returns to meet Stefan Fyodorovski and the others to see how they fare. Marjek Asmaroff realizes that Fyodorll mostly ruined his spellbook.

Oghren’s carry dog finally finds a track and is happy to lead the group to the thieving Elf, but not before running into Ike who originally was on his way to visit some cousins in the nearby gold mine. Ike and Elfriede decide to join the group, who catches Fyodorll and delivers her to the Elves at the Lake of Lost Dreams.

The group ignores Goriidel’s request for help with the thieving Pixies from the haunted island in the lake. The elves take in Fyodorll for resocialization, and Tarras will stay here with the horses until the group returns after freeing Stephan from the Wolfskull Goblins.

During their search for Goblin lairs the group us crept upon a handful of Goblins but fights them off, then runs into three humans that escaped the destruction of one of the homesteads and hid from a big hobgoblin and his retinue of hobgoblins and giant bats for a day. The refugees accept some food and goblin weapons, then promptly move north outside the Dymrak.

The group follows rough directions and finds a Goblin lair, decides to enter it during daytime as Goblins are mostly active at night. In the mostly-empty guardroom, when Oghren turns on his helmet light, he wakes freshly hatched Stirges bursting out of a corpse on the floor …