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Kabyl Forest


  1. The Kelpie, apearing as a beautiful black horse prancing around a tree trunk to which its tatter ed reins are ensnared. If freed, it will prance around the saviour, inviting it to ride on it. Anybody riding on it must save vs str to free itself from its adhesive fur. If ridden, the Kelpie will galop to water withing 1d4 rounds, jump inside and drown the rider in 1d4 rounds.
  2. At dusk, characters may find golden objects, peeking from the ground. If dug up or otherwise disturbed the Glitterghast will arise from the ground. Save vs WIS to notice this trap. 2d6 bite or capture a character (defence without armor bonus) with its 7ft-long whiskers. The whiskers have AC 3 and immuno to non-blade weapons. HD 4, AC 5

Knowledge Table

  1. The forest is a place of deceit and lurking monsters. (True)
  2. The Kobolds of Kabyl Forest are very rich. (False)
  3. Many children get lost in Kabyl Forest. (True)
  4. A secluded tribe of Alblings is rumoured to live in the forest. (False)
  5. The Mountain Troll is overlord over the Kobolds of Kabyl Forest. (False)
  6. The Glitterghast lures people with its golden hair (True)
  7. The Lichen Wytch is old and cunning and she sacrifices children in her hut. (Partially true - she doesn’t sacrifice children but lets them work for her in her mines.)
  8. In the night the trees of Kabyl Forest start walking and talking. (Partially true - some of the trees have been enchanted by Arboreologists.)
  9. Beware of the demonic Kelpie appearing as a dark horse, it lures its riders into a cold death in the water. (True)
  10. The Lichen Wytch often battles the Arboreologist sorcerors that have an alcove in the west of Kelpie Forest. (True)
  11. The Kobolds of Kabyl Forest fear taking a bath. The can be defeated by the use of fresh, clean water. (True)
  12. Under the roots of the trees in the oldest part of Kabyl forest lies a subterranean kingdom of enslaved human beings - most of them children - reigned by the family of the Lichen Wytch. (True)