Dr. Aarron Charlse

name Dr. Aarron Charlse aspects
homeworld DiareCivilian Veteran
rank 5Science I can’t save everybody
rank 4Resolve Failed Experiments
Computer For Science!
rank 3Archaeology I can explain this …
Culture/Tech Always looking forward
Medical Hunted
rank 2Brokerage Unpublished
Gunnery What hurts my ship hurts me
Repair Fasziniert von den Stimmen in meinem Kopf
rank 1Assets stress tracks
Agility health ☐☐☐☐
Alertness composure ☐☐☐☐☐
Stamina wealth ☐☐☐☐
stunts Skill Substitution: Jump Drive Designer consequences
(use Science for Engineering)mild consequence
Have A Thing: The D-DAWNmedium consequence
Have A Thing: Mobile Universal Terminal severe consequence: Infected by an Alien Intellect
culture/tech Diare (home system), Esgeed, Lalala, Onbebior
gear and stuff Lab coat, small set of sensor drones, mobile computer, ship manuals, two rolls of duct tape, stun pistol.

Diaspora Charakter-Entwicklung

Traveller Life Path

Wissenschaftler / Naturwissenschaftler

Rang: 0

Händler / Handelsflotte

Rang: 2 (Mechanik 1 als Sr. Crewman, 4. Offizier)


Feinde und Verbündete

Dr. Aarron Charlse for Traveller