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Kingdoms of Faerie is a game about knights. It uses as its engine the procedures and assumptions of the Original Fantasy Role-Playing Game, hacked to reflect the topic and informed by the ideas and mechanics of the Old School Renaissance. It is inspired by a much better game than this one, Greg Stafford’s King Arthur Pendragon.

The players are all knights, and there are no other classes available, or even present in the setting. The milieu consists of two worlds, linked to each other in mysterious ways. The first world is the historical reality of 12th century Europe, and the second is the lands of the kingdoms of Faerie. The players are knights from the real world, who find themselves trapped and thrown together in the eternal landscape of the Fae.

While in Faerie, the knights engage in various adventures, which can include exploration, monster-hunting, establishing demesnes, war, raids, skirmishing, tournaments, questing, romance, court intrigue, and fulfilling the enchantments of the various sub-kingdoms of the Faerie landscape.


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