All Stars

[[Eldakkar?]]1480139938magic-user 540’001[[Greyheim?]]Flavio
[[Maram?]]½ 117935324halfling 416’251[[Greyheim?]]Sam
[[Anouk?]]1350010dwarf 670’001[[Stormhold?]]Ben
[[Strahl?]]½ 4000195magic-user 680’001[[Stormhold?]]Ben
[[Dorn_Ironfoot?]]½ 55010dwarf 38’751[[Stormhold?]]Ben
[[Yifan?]]13421916450elf 565’001[[Deathwatch_Keep?]]Grisha
[[Pringles?]]1164687577fighter 532’501[[Greyheim?]]Petr’s wife
[[Adrijana?]]45601743geomancer 25’001killed by bugbears Flavio
[[Desi?]]34741908fighter 24’065held under the Freya temple 🐺 💜

Flavio |

[[Simed?]]8051699dwarf 12’187[[Greyheim?]]💜Sam
[[Sascha?]]1135541704cleric 525’001retired and runs a church 💜Flavio
[[Paola?]]57177916fighter 38’125[[Greyheim?]]
[[Urir?]]half15’6082790Cleric of [[Armok?]] 548,001[[Passionhelm?]]Shield arm severedQuadi
[[Muma?]]Share62832469cleric of [[Mitra?]] 412’501[[Passionhelm?]]-NPC
[[Sana?]]half4943183thief 11,251[[Passionhelm?]]Broken ribs (Jun 15)Orhan
[[Pauline?]]half120696Elf 14,001[[Passionhelm?]]-Thalutguy


[[Liyìÿi?]]Half1520elf 14,001[[Graveyard?]]Throat slit by banditsTobi (former)-
[[Dixil?]]Full2260524 (donated to Ylath)fighter 24,070[[Passionhelm?]]poisoned by giant Crab spidersQuadi“AC2, 20HP, I’m invincible!”
[[Kamca?]]Half5566499fighter 38,140[[Passionhelm?]]nose, 4 teeth, Death by poison gas trapQuadi
[[Jaromir?]]Full23802 (donated to various)fighter 12,035[[Passionhelm?]]death by wraith, now a wraithOrhan
[[Banri?]]share2052289fighter 24,070Beyond the chasmeviscerated by ancient weapon trap-
[[Renal?]] ‘the wicked’Full307632192 (inherited by [[Vasilios?]]cleric of [[Elrath?]] 650’0001[[Passionhelm?]]Overcome by the undead hordes ☠Orhan
[[Melbil?]]Half18698395dwarf 534,680[[Passionhelm?]]Overcome by the undead hordes ☠Orhan
[[Norgot?]]half22661000[[Minotaur_Class?|Minotaur]] 116,001[[Passionhelm?]]Overcome by the undead hordes ☠Thalutguy
[[Mirding?]]half52054267magic-user 310,001[[Passionhelm?]]Overcome by the undead hordes ☠Thalutguy
[[Hunter?]]Half10’0841799Expert 420’001[[Passionhelm?]]Overcome by the undead hordes ☠Orhan
[[Chavi?]]Share011Fighter 12,051[[Passionhelm?]]right Eye X, right leg XComitted suicide for “failing as a fighter” after losing a leg to giant python
[[Thora?]]Full25’39612’465magic-user 540,001[[Passionhelm?]]broken back (Badgermen)Quadi
[[Spera?]]half10’887789magic-user 420,001[[Passionhelm?]]scar, ear X, leg X, gutted (Badgermen)Quadi
Dame [[Alissa?]]25408 XP3019 in SavingsFighter 5Home: [[Passionhelm?]]Perfect HealthPlayer: Quadi

“I won’t adventure with this madman anymore, fuck that guy!”, lives in a Mansion in [[Passionhelm?]]. For her deeds and her loyal service, Count Pureheart has also granted her a Manor (neither house, farmlands nor servants not included). She was once in good standing with the church of [[Elrath?]], but is shunned by the

Sir [[Marcus_Flavius_Ligmar?]]18433 XP240 in SavingsFighter 5Home: [[Lakebears?]]Perfect HealthPlayer Kenneth

Husband to Mayor Nifih Joyousblades of [[Lakebears?]] who agreed to the marriage of convenience, when Passionhelm was looking for allies. He is dreaming of building a keep in the wilderness. His Knighthood in the county of Passionhelm will undoubtedly lead to conflicts of interest in the now for some reason.

Define external redirect: Yifan Greyheim Mitra Jaromir Melbil Dixil Banri Graveyard Hunter Deathwatch Keep Vasilios Elrath Paola Dorn Ironfoot Passionhelm Lakebears Sascha Spera Minotaur Class Chavi Pringles Adrijana Muma Thora Simed Renal Eldakkar Kamca Mirding Anouk Urir Norgot Marcus Flavius Ligmar Armok Sana Pauline Maram Alissa Strahl Stormhold Desi Liyìÿi