Minor Non-Player characters: Company

23.01.20: Bank is accurate atm; “Funds are safu”

Character Share XP Money Bank Level XP next Home Health Player
Amaliafull36902430D Fighter 24’000Kul Tiras-Orhan
Alexafull2860100815E Battlemage 14’000Kul Tiras-Quadi
Diechfull090E Unknown 12’000Docks-Isilmera
Yekdafull3563458309Hu Assassin 14’000Kul Tiras-Bad Jokes
Mattisfull11021080D Fighter 1TBDTBD-Banshi
Siljahalf11161040D Fighter 12’000Kul Tiras-Orhan
Beautiful Orellhalf11161040D Fighter 12’000Kul Tiras-Orhan
Lilohalf11161040D Fighter 12’000Kul Tiras-Orhan
Irohn Mammonhalf8951080D Fighter 12’000Kul Tiras-Moonshanks
[[Yarg “Mr Kill”]]half690sheet+80D Fighter 12’000Kul TirasHealthMoonshanks
Barcafull6121080D Fighter 12’000Docks-Pastaman (not THE pastaman though)
NameshareXPMoneyBanklevelxp nextHomeHealthPlayer
NPC Last seen last location Rumor
CollinsAugust 1Kul Tiras 08.22Scandal: family member stole a horse
MassimoMay 21Alborincreased power further (2->3)
Michel BayMay 21Alborsetback in magical research
General HappyJuneGnollandlooking to purchase weapons
“Earl” Nigel GreyAugustCraypoolDeath in the family (cousin)
Lord NefariusrumorUnknowndemanding tribute
RackhamrumorForests north of Craypoolunknown Setback in plans (or was it?)
Sir RoirumorCraypool Penninsulawanted for murder in Craypool (1k bounty)

Graveyard / Missing

Equipment is usually buried with the deceased

Character Share XP Money Bank Level XP next resting Place Fate Player
Flaviahalf000D Normal Man 11’000Kul TirasDied on watch duty, a piece of coral in her NeckOrhan
Marissahalf8900D Fighter 12’00007.05?charmed by Nixies, sank like a stone at 07.05Orhan
Atreusfull2147200384Hu Fighter 24’000Kul TirasPoisoned himself For Some ReasonJaime
Viridianafull444200600Hu Magic-User 12’000Kul Tirasslain in a riot at CraypoolJaime

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