Rodolfo’s Resource Ramp

Rodolfo sells Trade Goods by the ton (every 5 tons your ship carries make it slower by one Hex). These prices have stood for a century and he will not haggle.

The Kennels

Veteran trainer Dee sells Wardogs (retainer, 100 silvers, 2HD, AC7, F2, MV15) and can train wild animals you have captured on your travels.

The fee for training animals is 50 for 1 HD and doubles with every HD above that (e.g. a 5HD Bear would cost 800 (50>100>200>400>800) to train and have a 50% (20+3x10) chance to fail. A giant poisonous crag spider (2HD) would cost 100 (50>100) silvers and have a 90% (20+4x10+30) chance to fail )

Disclaimer: except in the case of dogs, in which Dee specializes in, the creature might not refrain from occasionally resuming its natural behaviour, i.e. cats will be lazy, sharks will become crazed by blood in the water, spiders will pause to weave webs etc. These regresses are subject to morale rolls.

The Stables

You can buy Packhorses (20 carry capacity, retainer, MV10) or Riding horses (4 carry capacity, retainer, MV18)

The Temple of the Marids

Senior Navigator Renal can bless your expedition (+1 to any one d100 roll, spend it wisely) for a donation of 50 silvers

The Tavern

You can rest and eat here for free as a subject of the crown (all expenses are paid for by the Navigators’ Society) or for 3 silvers per day.

Three of the establishment’s corners hold separées, partitioned off the rest of the common room with heavy curtains for private conversations (the fourth corner houses the bar). One of them is always occupied by [[Linvail?]] and his three bulky associates.

You can hire crewmen (as mercenaries) for 10 / head, with a wage of 2 payable at the end of each month


[[Pagle?]], expert fisherman and Alchemist. Each potion or oil costs 500 silvers and counts as equipment (i.e. you will not get XP for spending the money). 50% off if you bring your own materials.

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