A goal can be achieved during play. Participating players receive (200 x current level) Experience Points in addition to other rewards. Yes, it's meta like that. [Major] goals give double that. Players can unanimously remove one of their goals per session, but never the [GM] goal.

Current Goals/Ambitions (8 max)

[Major][GM] Find a sage who can unlock the powers of the Sign of Earth

[Major] Establish a trade route to the Wild Dwarves of Hintervale (+a proof-of-concept first trading run)

“get back at” Craypool and its mayor, Nigel Grey.

Join a raid against the enemies of Gnolland, the ‘Stone Warriors’

Deal a blow to the Bandits of Corahn’s Daggers

Find a way to incorporate Hillsbrand into ‘your’ trade network

Completed Goals (incomplete list)

recovered Darius from the Cultists at Soratom

[Major] recovered the southern Expedition and their objective, the Sign of Earth (ship lost)

recovered the norther Expedition (ship saved)