Report - Storm of the Man Eaters

Amalia the Fighter, Alexa the Battlemage, Yekda the Assassin, Atreus the Fighter; Retainers Saskia, Elwa, Ludwig

Return from Caliburn Cove

Having rescued their fellow shareholders from the shipwreck and the clutches of the ogre siblings, Donald, Dschingis, Slim, Diana and the Blind Dwarf With No Name followed behind the party’s ship back to Kul Tiras, the priceless platinum pieces (paid to them by the Troglodytes of ‘Upper Tartarus’ for services rendered) jingling in Captain Alexa’s pocket.

While we were the first company to gain a foothold in the re-opened trade of Kul Tiras, three competing charter companies had now begun sending out ships and agents:

The Venture Company, led by Alis of house Seaworth

SAFE, led by Liutbrand

Exotic Delicacies, led by Rostislav Pietrovich

We paid them no mind, they would have to prove themselves in the hard, unforgiving world out there to ever become worthy of our notice.

Much time was spent on bookkeeping and discussing the future of the company. With only two ships, a large company like ours would become struggling for cash quickly. Amalia and Alexa would take a ship to [[Sorpigal-by-the-Sea?]] in the northern bight, but not before Amalia financed a jewelers shop for her nephew Dürin (it was a small affair and would churn out nothing but cheap novelty trinkets, but it gave Amalia great recognition within her clan). Surely the Sorpigans would pay well for Kul Tiran foodstuffs, given their isolation in the boggy wetlands. Atreus was to lead this time.

The Journey was eventful. First, a curious water elemental snuck aboard. Advised by Alexas sage advice, Captain Atreus helped Yekda pour out the barrel overboard, though the pair got a faceful of pseudopod first. While the elemental water within the creature could have fetched a high price with an alchemist, it wasn’t worth fighting such a powerful creature when there was trading to be done.

Two night later, another (or was it the very same?) water elemental slithered over the railing onto the deck, searching for stuff from beyond the waves. Alexa and Atreus were on guard and rallied the crew against the intruder. While there was no fight, the presence of seven armed fighters made the creature retreat back from whence it came.

With the moon filling up, we saw two ships passing us by, a Gnollish Longship and a fellow caravel, flying a Pirate Flag. They ignored us and we them.

An Arcane Tempest caused us to lose a day. At least it didn’t blow us off course.


Ethnic Strife between the Dwarves and Humans of this town made selling the grain difficult. Only when Amalia played her dwarven brethren against the Humans and Alexa as a (ethnically) neutral elven party convinced the Humans of the grain’s purity could an agreement be reached. The Human leader Gratian asked the party to scout a nearby orcish tribal camp, who had migrated dangerously close to the settlement. Their mere presence was scaring the local foragers, the Swamprunners.

Hoping to improve relations and guarantee future business, the party accepted. Amalia and her retainers stayed in town to gather information by mingling with the local dwarves. Unfortunately they did not really trust the outsiders and only little was gained: The location of a town on the gulf’s northern shore.

With a brave Swamprunner to guide them through the treacherous swamp, Alexa, Yekda, Ludwig and Atreus tracked the orcs to their camp, not ten miles away from town! There were many, sixty Orcish warriors were based there and four War Boars guarded the perimeter. While Yekda counted them from stealth he heard the word Gorhur several times, most likely the chieftain.

While they proved too many to attack directly, vengeful Atreus (his clan had fallen years ago to the invading pig men) hijacked the scouting mission and intended to at least ambush a hunting party, much to the Swamprunner’s dismay. They had to wait long for the right opportunity, even spending the night in the fetid swamps (who forgot the Tent…) but the trap was eventually sprung on four unsuspecting hunters. Yekda swiftly killed the first one without a sound (Assassination get!), while Amalia’s axe struck down another. The third fell quickly after, but the last one, the toughest of the bunch, who had stayed in the back to keep the others in line, made a run for it. Alexa used her elvish connection to nature, the sparse trees giving her subtle winks about where to tread and where not to, ever so slightly hinting at the quarry’s position during the chase. She caught him once, but it was not enough. The camp almost in sight, she fired her Sleep Spell at the Orc. He did not awake.

Satisfied, Atreus had the Swamprunner lead the party back to Sorpigal.

The bump in the night

As usual, when trouble was afoot, Atreus and Alexa stood guard on deck. Another Arcane Tempest was raging around them. A forceful bump went through the ship: A Gnollish Longship had collided with their ship, the crew of many warriors hungry for meat! The alarm was raised immediately, but the Gnolls were already dangerously close. The fighters on watch tried to delay the assault by shooting the ship’s Ballistae at the Longship, but failed to cause damage. The two of them were not able to cut all of the grappling hooks and soon 10 Gnolls had climbed aboard with more waiting in their vessel.

The melee was especially brutal. The Gnolls were tough and struck hard. Many a shield was splintered. Alexa used her Sleep magic, now maximized by the magical weather, but it was not enough. The Gnolls kept shaking their comrades awake (the ones we didn’t get to first, that is). The savages kept on fighting and were overrunning us. All seemed lost, Gnoll prisoners usually suffer The Worst Possible Fate.

With Atreus stunned and Alexa knocked out, our frontline was dangerously thinned. The Gnolls readied for the final bout, ready to strike at our ranged fighters on the castle soon and confident in victory.

Too confident.

Luck was on our side and we annihilated the still standing Gnolls all at once. (((consecutive turns, lucky rolls)))

(((With still much to do and “bedtime” already extended, we ended the session here)))

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