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Editing Alchemist


Alchemists are Magic-Users who don’t cast spells but instead imbue self-made mixtures with magic. The mixtures can be consumed by yourself, thrown upon targets or injected into others. Injecting takes your entire turn and that of your target (if willing) or grants them a saving throw vs. Death to avoid the injection. To successfully inject, you also need to complete a melee attack (like a spider would). Thrown potions only have to hit an AC of 9

Others who use your stuff have a 50% (+15% for every tier above 1st) chance to fumble everytime they use it.

Tier 1

Flame Concoction

Ingredients: Saltpetre, lamp oil, 1st level spell

Throw: erupt into a ball of flame, the flames burn with an intense heat but only for a few seconds before dissipating. It’s enough to set ablaze very flammable material but not wood and such.

Inject: grants Fire resistance, goes first in initiative, takes 6 fire damage after its turn

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