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HoodVeil: 0*0/0 Cap: 00*0 Mask: 00*0 Infantry Helmet: 10*0 (You wear a cap underneath) Cavalry Helmet: 20*0 (-5 combat if on foot, you wear an infantry helmet underneath) Great Helmet: 30*0 (as cavalry helmet, has a visor)


Finery: 00*0 (Status Bonus of square root+1 (round down) Value in Silver Pieces) Clothes: 10*0 Robes: 20*0 GambesonHide Armor*Leather Armor: 4*0*0 Studded LeatherCouirbouilli: 7*0/0 Chainmail Armor: 80*0 (metal) Coat of Plates: 90*0 (metal) Brigandine: 100*0 (metal)


Leather Gloves 00*0 Thick work gloves 10*0 (-5 dexterity and magic skills) Mail Gauntlets 20*0 Plated Gauntlets 30*0


Sandals 00*0 Footwraps 00*0 Leather Boots 10*0 Cavalry Boots 20*0 (-5 dexterity)


Small shield 0*3*0 (can be worn on the back) Horseman’s shield 0*6*0 Infantry shield 0*6*0 Tower shield 0*9*0 (cannot be used on horseback, movement cost is doubled, attacking ends your turn)

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