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Atreus was a member of a clan of humans in the mountanous regions of the mainland. Known for his stubborn resolve, and refusal to give in, no matter the injuries dealt to him. His clan had spent years avoiding the orcs other than brief skirmishes because they knew outright war with them would lead to destruction. However the God they worshipped, Pan-Heon, commanded the clan to join the God in battle against the orcs and the demon Asno. The clan, trusting in their God joined him in battle but in single combat against Asno, Pan-Heon was slaughtered and the orcs killed almost all of the clan.

Atreus was one of the few survivors and now despises both gods and orcs. He thinks humans are stronger without the gods, who only want to prolong the war between orcs and men.

Wields a spear and a shield.

image/svg+xml Link Name AC XP Level Class Hit-points Property none = 9, leather = 7, chain = 5,plate = 3, shield = -1, minus dex bonus Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma value bonus roll 3d6 for each Abilities, Languages Colors or Portrait Saving Throws Dragon breath, explosions Paralysis, Petrification Death, Poison Rays, Wands Spells AC of opponent: To hit: (+ dexterity bonus) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Damage: (+ strength bonus in melee) Melee Ranged (+ strength bonus) d20 equalor better d20 equal or better Max Fighter & Dwarf: d8Magic User & Thief: d4everybody else: d6+ constitution bonus Atreus fighter 2 _________ 2 14 18 +3 9 16 +2 6 -1 3 -3 9 15 14 12 13 16 17 14 13 16 12 15 11 14 10 13 9 12 8 11 7 10 6 9 5 8 1d6 backpackiron rations (1 week)Plate Mailshieldlong swordspearslingpouch with 30 stonesdagger (2)lanternflask of oiliron spikes and hammermirror19 gold 1/6 for normal tasksCode: 97C9AAF55-1D4QIVUN77F8EK value34-56-89-1213-1516-1718 bonus-3-2-1+1+2+3 4 + charisma bonus Retainers 7 + charisma bonus 7 Reactions Loyalty 4 value34-89-1213-1718 bonus-2-1+1+2

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