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Minor Non-Player characters: Company

23.01.20: Bank is accurate atm; “Funds are safu”

= Character= Share= XP= Money= Bank= Level= XP next= Home= Health= Player
Amaliafull36902430D Fighter 24’000Kul Tiras-Orhan
Alexafull2860100815E Battlemage 14’000Kul Tiras-Quadi
Diechfull090E Unknown 12’000Docks-Isilmera
Yekdafull3563458309Hu Assassin 14’000Kul Tiras-Bad Jokes
Mattisfull11021080D Fighter 1TBDTBD-Banshi
Siljahalf11161040D Fighter 12’000Kul Tiras-Orhan
Beautiful Orellhalf11161040D Fighter 12’000Kul Tiras-Orhan
Lilohalf11161040D Fighter 12’000Kul Tiras-Orhan
Irohn Mammonhalf8951080D Fighter 12’000Kul Tiras-Moonshanks
[[Yarg “Mr Kill”]]half690sheet+80D Fighter 12’000Kul TirasHealthMoonshanks
Barcafull6121080D Fighter 12’000Docks-Pastaman (not THE pastaman though)
NameshareXPMoneyBanklevelxp nextHomeHealthPlayer
= NPC= Last seen= last location= Rumor
= CollinsAugust 1Kul Tiras 08.22Scandal: family member stole a horse
= MassimoMay 21Alborincreased power further (2->3)
= Michel BayMay 21Alborsetback in magical research
= General HappyJuneGnollandlooking to purchase weapons
= “Earl” Nigel GreyAugustCraypoolDeath in the family (cousin)
= Lord NefariusrumorUnknowndemanding tribute
= RackhamrumorForests north of Craypoolunknown Setback in plans (or was it?)
= Sir RoirumorCraypool Penninsulawanted for murder in Craypool (1k bounty)

Graveyard / Missing

Equipment is usually buried with the deceased

= Character= ShareXPMoneyBankLevelXP next=resting Place= Fate= Player
Flaviahalf000D Normal Man 11’000Kul TirasDied on watch duty, a piece of coral in her NeckOrhan
Marissahalf8900D Fighter 12’00007.05?charmed by Nixies, sank like a stone at 07.05Orhan
Atreusfull2147200384Hu Fighter 24’000Kul TirasPoisoned himself For Some ReasonJaime
Viridianafull444200600Hu Magic-User 12’000Kul Tirasslain in a riot at CraypoolJaime

All Stars

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