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Amalia the Fighter, Alexa the Battlemage (((an NPC for today, the player couldn’t make it))), Yekda the Assassin, Atreus the Fighter; Retainers Saskia, Elwa, Ludwig all Normal Men

The Arcane Tempest still raged

Under Atreus’ orders, the crew made sport of killing the magically slumbering gnolls. Threw them into the water, most drowned and the few that attempted to climb back into either ship were butchered as they climbed out of the stormy water.

After the weather had cleared the next morning, the crew split to take both vessels home to Kul Tiras.

At the Docks


Collins was pleased with the trading profit and inquired about the captured Longship. Atreus bought the other members’ ‘share’ of the ship and rented it out to the company at a rate of 100 silvers per month.

The Others went off to spend their trading gains and savings. Atreus opened the Wanderer's Rest Inn in town, lamenting that the Royal Navigator's Guild had a monopoly on dockyard property. He was so frustrated at this injustice that he didn’t even stop to ask them!

Amalia sacked her two assistants Saksia and Elwa only to immediately replace them with her cousins from Clan Blackbeard Silja, Orell, Marisa and Lilo all of them strong and capable fighters. They brought their own chainmail and weapons, excellent! Saskia and Elwa didn’t really care (((neutral reaction roll))), they had made great coin for the risks they had to take while doing field work.

Ludwig was also let go and transferred to another department within the company. He did not mind either.


Collins had summoned the board of directors (((the primary PCs))) to discuss his findings about the Sign of Earth (see sessions 3 and 4). When used properly, the valuable piece of jewelry would be able to [spoiler]. A sage would need to be found.

A recess was called when Atreus admitted to have smuggled Earthblood, a dangerous magical substance, especially to humans, into the Docks. The other crewmembers had noticed that something heavy had been weighing on Atreus’ mind ever since the return from Caliburn Cove (session 5). While standing outside, for he had been asked to step outside during the recess, Atreus For Some Reason drank the Earthblood.

His end came soon after. The Navigators rushed him to the Temple of the Marids, but it was too late. Could they have helped him anyway? Marids are feared for their destruction magic first and foremost after all. Had he hoped it would turn him into a powerful Ogre? Was he simply suicidal? Was his recent brutality a sign of Earthblood infection?


Viridiana and Atreus had been close lately and she took to his assets (including the ship he bought).

With great regret on their mind, unlocking the power of the Sign of Earth made into a priority, the party was dispatched to search a sage (the actual powers of the artifact remain confidential). Viridiana remembered the high priestess of the order she was brought up in to be knowledgeable. The rumor of an elven sage in the eastern mountains was ignored for now, as Viridiana quickly became captain and steered the expedition towards her old home.

In Search of the Monastery

Captain Viridiana, Yekda, Amalia and her dwarves set sail for where she believed the Monastery to be, the south shore of the Northlands.

The search wasn’t successful in the coastal forests. A small party of three Orcs made the party aware of a possible orc incursion in the region and a desperately hungry Boar was chased off during the night. Viridiana decided that it would be best that she called upon her goddess in a ritual and a sacrifice to boost it had to be found.

She remained at camp to prepare for the ritual, while the other six struck out in groups of two. Savage Bugbears, naked and wild, surprised Orell and Silja! Their mail armor impeding their flight the pair decided to fight, but to no avail. The Bugbears chose to be merciful and only took every single thing the two were carrying and let them off with a warning.

The other two parties were also unsuccessful in catching live prey (with no specialized equipment at all, it was a long shot) and Viridiana grew impatient. Through sheer luck, the ritual was successful regardless (((rolled a 3 on a d100))) and the goddess revealed that they were searching about 40 miles too far east!


The monastery was now believed to be located north of Craypool, a known hive of scum and villainy. The ship was unbeached and sail was set. Viridiana unsuccessfully attempted to outmaneuver an unknown ship, which turned out to be a patrol vessel from that very town. Their captain. Tranzig, was most helpful, but warned us to go outside of inhabited lands on the peninsula, for the land was unmistakably overrun with aggressive wolf creatures. Viridiana was not dismayed and prepared for landfall the next day.

While taking a day off in a relatively unprotected bight, Nixie came from beyond the waves. Viridiana could only be restrained with difficulties for her pet Viper she kept wrapped around her neck made approaching let alone grappling her a dangerous proposition. Only Yekda, Amalia and Lilo were not charmed, and so our seventh crew member, Marisa, jumped into the water after saying she would be back soon. She sank like a stone, wearing full armor. Seeing that Marisa would be the only one to join them that day, the Nixie left for their underwater lair that had to undoubtedly be nearby.

Blue Lotus, a Nixie, stayed behind her kin and assured us that Marisa would be well cared for and that they would return her eventually. Enraged, Amalia shot the ship’s Scorpion at the Nixie, killing her.


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