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Editing Report - The Catacombs of Craypool


Yekda, the assassin, Amalia of Clan Blackbeard, the fighter, Alexa, the Battlemage.

Retainers: Silja, Orell and Lilo, fighters of Clan Blackbeard.

In Craypool

Craypool is a 2’000 souls town on the Gulf of Sorpigal. Its reputation is by far the worst: Craypool is a byword for rapacious officials, thieving merchants, vivious peasants, grasping magistrates and all the worst habits imaginable by their neighbours. The natives are considered one cut better than outright bandits. We didn’t see much of that though, strangely.

Word in the tavern we were staying in was that “Sir Roi”, a distinguished town guard, had fallen from grace and gone so far as to murder the mayor’s cousin! He was pushed over a cliff, Roi apparently claimed that the mayor’s cousin was about to transform into a hated Lykan (a humanoid wolfman)!

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