These characters are not from the cities of Lemuria, but from the Red Forests, Valkarthan Northlands or other wildernesses of the continent. They have natural skills in wilderness lore, living rough, berserk rage, riding, intimidation, natural instincts and so on. Barbarians are generally noted for their Strength, but a good Agility is also useful.

Barbarian Prestiges:

1. Demon Slayer: greater prowess fighting demons and such

2. Berserker: puts yourself at risk but you’re really powerful

3. Angel Slayer: greater power against angels/gods

4. Shredder: skills related to ripping enemies to pieces and increasing blood splatter

5. Magic Mortar: uses extremely destructive magic spells that can harm everyone

6. Brawler: extremely adept at hand to hand combat, focusing on offensive

7. Unknown