Great Expanse

The Great Expanse is the sea that borders the Lemurian continent on its east coast.


With great jagged rocks and sheer cliffs making up the majority of the east coast of the continent, access to the Great Expanse from the coast is virtually impossible through normal means. The Great Expanse stretches out for an unknown length. Other than Lemuria, it is unknown whether any other landmasses exist within the Great Expanse. The Expanse overall has yet to be studied at length, so much of it remains a mystery

Relevance to Kraithan

Because water is a precious commodity to Kraithians, they generally revere any body of water as sacred. That being said, the Great Expanse is largely cut off from regular use, and generally considered extremely dangerous. Krathians by principle avoid the seas entirely


The fishing industry never took off in this part of the ocean, so the Great Expanse has become the known world’s most lush aquatic system in terms of biodiversity. Some of the largest creatures on Earth, such as sharks and whales, make this sea their home. According to Kraithian mythology, the sea is also home to a form of aquatic humanoids called Mermaids.