Lemurian continent

Lemuria in regular Barbarians of Lemuria refers to the fictional setting created by Lin Carter. In the context of this campaign, the Lemurian continent refers to the primary continent that the game’s story occurs on, created by Adam C.

The Kingdoms

The continent of Lemuria is dominated by three major kingdoms. Calathan controls approximately 30% of the continent towards its center. Rakthan controls another 30% on the western half. Kraithan controls 30% on the eastern half. Of the other 10%, 5% of it is disputed territory between Rakthan and Calathan, and the other 5% is not under any kingdom’s rule (most notably, the area surrounding the Silver Tower). The kingdoms have existed on the continent for as long as anyone can remember, although according to records from various sources, they came about after catastrophic events destroyed earlier civilizations.

Geography & Climate

The continent is roughly ovular, being about 5,000 kilometers from east coast to west and about 3,000 kilometers north to south. It is surrounded by water on all sides, with the Rakthan Sea to the west and the Great Expanse to the east. A mountain range called The Peaks stretches from a point just a few kilometers northwest of Calathan to the northernmost point of the continent. Various rivers meet just west of Calathan; these rivers are the livelihood of Calathan, Rakthan, and their villages. In sharp contrast, east of Calathan lies The Waste, a vast desert that is home to the kingdom of Kraithan. The rest of the continent is mostly grasslands, dotted with small forests throughout the western half.

The climate of the continent is largely temperate. Rainfall is relatively low even in areas outside The Waste, but it is enough to maintain the grasses and trees. The continent experiences all four regular seasons.