In the world, many beings are capable of magic to do anything from create fire to heal wounds.

Fundamentals of Magic

Within each living thing there is a pool of magical energy. This pool is formed at birth and grows throughout the organism’s lifetime. Very few organisms are intelligent enough to know about it, and of the species that can use magic, not all individuals can tap into their magic pool with ease. Most notably, most humans can use magic, although the size of the magic pool can vary from person to person based on heredity, training, and exposure to magic from the environment.


Magic is generally divided into eight elements, which are natural forms of magic energy when it is manifested in the physical world. The element is innately tied to the function of a magical spell, and many organisms that are high in magical energy have some sort of magical affinity to one or more elements. The elements also interact with each other in special ways, resulting in certain elements being strong against or weak against certain other elements. Each element has two elements that it is strong against and two that it is weak against. The elements are listed below:

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