Summoning Scroll

The Summoning Scroll is a piece of parchment that allows the user to summon creatures to fight alongside them in combat.

Item Lore

As not all people are capable of magic, it has frequently been the practice to create items that can perform magic in place of a magician. The summoning scroll is the most basic type of item capable of performing [[Summoning?]] magic. It draws upon a pool of creatures that exist within the world and forces them to obey the wielder of the scroll, so it also employs [[Psionic?]] magic as well.

Item Use

The user may activate the item to roll a d20, and the creature summoned is based upon the roll, with higher rolls resulting in stronger creatures being summoned. The possible results are as follows.

  1. [[Earthworm?]]
  2. [[Rat?]]
  3. [[Crow?]]
  4. [[Fairy?]]
  5. [[Goblin?]]
  6. [[Snake?]]
  7. [[Dire_Wolf?]]
  8. [[Orc?]]
  9. [[Minotaur?]]
  10. [[Human?]]
  11. [[Elf?]]
  12. Mermaid
  13. [[Djinn?]]
  14. [[Ogre?]]
  15. [[Drake?]]
  16. [[Giant_Spider?]]
  17. [[Demon?]]
  18. [[Golem?]]
  19. [[Angel?]]
  20. [[Deity?]]

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