The Battle Mechanics

Barbarians of Lemuria has a simple yet dynamic combat system. Each combat is broken up into multiple turns. Turns are decided by a d20 roll for initiative. Turns are taken in descending order. A roll of 20 gives the roller an additional turn following their first turn. A roll of 1 causes the roller to lose its first turn. After the turn order has been decided, the combat follows like this:

The Combat Turn

    1. Move actions: A combatant is only allowed to use a move action to move. A combatant may move his or her agility-1. For example, a combatant with an agility of 3 may move 4 spaces.
    2. Major actions: Major actions provide a combatant with a host of possibilities. These include auto-attacks, most damage dealing skills, etc. These are often more damage oriented, and are performed by the combatant. Many physical damage oriented builds tend to favor the major action.
    3. Minor actions: Minor actions also give a combatant a range of possibilities, including, but not limited to, commanding a minion, using most support skills, and quaffing a potion. Many magic builds, support builds, and minion-control builds favor the minor action