The Story

The Story

Chapter One: An Adventure Begins

Golden Spider
lucian stole a golden orb (that hoe)
Noble Party
stole dat hoes orb/staff
Monkey dungeon
Slut town
Oh shit chang be going crayfish
Drenieon gets his first waifu sorta not quite
Freed the sex slaves
Took down Balakes horny hut

Chapter Two: Revolution

Fought mini Luxaria
Oh shit Nir stole the heart locket (we got it back somehow?)
teleport to random fields
find revolution
rebels fight against Calathian rule
Nir is general

Chapter Three: Politics

Calathan being remade into democracy
can support caius, Balake, Phaxenmom
caius = Hunt down Lucian
Balake = Reclaim lost land + old glory
Paxenmom = Isolationist
Supported Caius
Caius won
Balake reporting on us to lucian
infilitrated base
captured him
somehow transported to demon realm
its an illusion
return to calatahn
oh look its a fucking GOD
big dynamic combat with mortars and shit
save da bitches + Phaxenmom
go to Luxaria realm
put down the smackdown bitches

Chapter Four: Invasion

Wanted to build up Calathan
Got a caravan
went to rakthan
they fucking hate us
racist against magic
Supreme Pontifex thinks we suck
Must clear up zombie problem
use magic
throw Dren, Ian, jeff i think in jail
Dren meets waifu number 2
saves us
kill white cloaks
Dan infiltrates White Cloaks
agree to enter catacombs
chalice feeds on magic
no magic = zombies nd shit
use zombies to increase faith
sanjay becomes a nice person
we all enter catacombs
Collect parts of boss keys
Fight seria then callan
get to end
oh shit superbia
dont fight cuz tsunperbia too stronk
exit catacombs
chalice satisfied/zombies gone
rest at some inn
oh god weird fish soldiers
nevil beats the shit out of them with new mantis skills
oh shit tons more
captured, dan steve sanjay escape
weapons stolen
find Black Wing
capture DarkRavi
learn of Black Wing
illusion to board ship
break out of jail assassins help
oh shit callan
hes beating shit outta everyone
falmese going crazy
Dren takes out callan
Phaxensette destroys the fleet
flee to safety
Falmese retreat
Black Wing attacks us
Take out Dark Nevil
DarkJeff runs away
Supreme Pontifex meeting with Tsunperbia and Seria and Lucian
Break in
where da fuck is lucian
Black wing is here too oh shit
Shit hits the fan
Seria sacrificed for Acedia
symphony to destroy shit
jeff shoots tsunperbia?
dan ults
recruit people
oh shit we killed pontifex
hey look its superbia as the pontifex
damn we got dragged in
own his ass
Superbia = Tsunperbia/convenient plot device
Egwene acquired!
egwene goes to silver tower

Chapter Five: Dimensions

Back to Calathan
fucked up some bandits and wolves
Nobles in control?
Visit three Girl wants us to clean up bandits
drens heads + assassins = easy
Rich dude ian scares with gold golem
Dren and Bartlby attatch dildo to snotty dude
torture him
kill him
frame black wing
find out we go to monkey mountain
Dungeon time bitches
bounty hunters trying to kill us
kill raphael, hes an asshole
steve befriends snow
pedophile + miyu
Dren + Abhi tag team torture time
Keep miyu
Nevils Penis kills everyone
Dren “rapes” Hina
find blackwing at the end
fuck em up
some escape
oh shit its acedia
run like hell
fuck hes invisible
Drill inside him or something
weird ass dimension shit
party members save a child
kill Black Wing
Get silver tower help
get white cloak help
shit he attacked early
spell sorta works
acedia dies
we are not allowed to make golem golems
Why the fuck is Miyu so old

Chapter Six: Magic

give silver seat dimensional shrubs
head back
read info on Changs past
read about experiments
get to tower
talk about basement
he steals capture jar and windsplitter(asshole) and mask and hine(YOU BITCH SHES MINE)
silver seat is dying from magic destruction
sanjay to the rescue!
go to basement
fight our way to potion room
dan is an asshole, wants her to die
save silver seat with potions
dick around a lot more
finally find weird room
orb that takes you wherever you want
everyone dicks around
Dren kills dwarves(totally plot relevant)
Steve gets the info
Jason has the most balls of us all
goes to lucian
saves Dren’s third waifu
kills lucians body
shit just got real
escape basement