1Death You die a horrible death.
2Loss of an arm Scarring.
3Loss of a hand Scarring. Can use only a buckler or bind a dagger to your stump.
4Loss of a foot Scarring, -2 squares (-10ft) speed, -2 dex non-combat.
5Loss of an eye Scarring, -2 to perception, -2 charisma non-combat
6Broken arm like ‘loss of a hand’, until you level up two times.
7Broken leg like ‘loss of a foot’, until you level up two times.
8Arterial bleeding Ongoing 1d4 dmg / round. Preventable by cauterization (1d6 dmg) or healing spell. if successful, leads to scarring.
9Scarring plus Loss of a finger, ear, multiple toes. Gives - 2 to one skill, -1 if it’s a funny story.
10Scarring-1 charisma non-combat, -2 for 3, -3 for 6, etc.