A Spell To Grant One’s Heart’s Desire

Magic-User Level 1 Duration: Instantaneous

Range: 0’

This spell requires the caster to commit suicide (willingly—murder or mind control does not activate the spell) to cast. Once the spell is cast, all others within 30’ will be granted one wish—if they all immediately agree on what that wish should be. Any dissent, discussion, hesitation, or doubt after the casting spoils the spell. There must be a minimum of four people (other than the caster) present to power an agreement enough to activate the spell. If all present do agree (and the caster does not get to be part of the quorum— dead, remember?), the wished-for thing comes true.

Wishes can be anything that can be summed up by a simple, clear idea. (“We wish to be the rulers of this town,” for example.) Attempting to add conditions or clauses, or wording the wish in game mechanics terms (wording should be in-character!), causes the spell to fail and the caster to die in vain.