Session 5

Continued from Session 4.

Hendoras and Perithanos meet back on the ship. Tonight Gylippos will make his escape from the island. Polykrates is happy. Things are moving at last. Apparently the crew is hungry for action.

The meeting is interrupted by four temple guards picking a beggar off the streets for a sacrifice at the temple of Poseidon. Seeing an unarmed man mistreated, Hendoras jumps over board and starts a discussion, his point being that no unarmed man should be treated like a dog. Perithanos follows and says to Hendoras that the beggar is beneath their station. The guard then nods and says to Hendoras to listen to his superior. At that Perithanos turns against the guard and tells him not to insult his companions. A curious three way stand-off ensues. Finally the guard backs down and asks Hendoras and Perithanos to make the beggar get up on his feet and walk proudly to his sacrifice. They succeed, and staring at them with eyes full of hate the beggar gets up and says that he will not have foreigners see an islander crawl in the dirt like an animal.

Hendoras sends a lie to the senators he knows: Some merchants are willing to leave with him to Malas due to the rumors of impeding war. His intent is to have them complain at Nikomedes’ mansion, thus allowing Hendoras to sneak into Alara’s room and read through her diary. Last session he made sure she got an invitation to meet him out by the Singing Cliffs. This is a linked test to support his getting past Nikomedes; Hendoras fails the test and finds sneaking past Nikomedes and his guard harder, but not impossible.

Once in Alara’s room, he tries to figure out where she would hide her diary as a linked test to his search, and while he knows where she would hide the thing it turns out impossible to find. Desperately he goes through her pillows, covers, cupboards, and all the other hiding places he can think of.

He is stopped by two women approaching. One enters the room and discovers the mess. It’s Melissa – the girl he had a big fight with at the party.

Cut back to Perithanos.

He’s meeting the gold smith Hendoras has organized so long ago. When the smith tells Perithanos that making a statue like the statue of Poseidon in the temple of Chrysis – seven days! – the priest tries to find some assistants for him but fails (Ob 4 Circles). The blacksmith on the ship is not good enoough. Then he tries to put the fervor of god into the gold smith and succeeds admirably. “It’s for the gods!” he whispers – and “the gods do not appreciate slackers.” (6 Succ vs Ob 3)

Then we skip ahead and find Hendoras organizing the raw material and tools required. Craftman’s tools are expensive. So Perithanos prays for a boon (4 Succ vs Ob 4 Faith) and gives Hendoras a loan (+1D). That’s a total of +3D for Hendoras’ test (Ob 4 Resource). But Hendoras is already taxed heavily (-2D) and his haggling is not working out.

And the test fails. There will be no replica. The gold smith is sent home, crushed, unworthy of the gods.

Cut back to Hendoras.

Hendoras tries to seduce Melissa so that she’ll reveal the location of Alara’s diary. Melissa in turn wants him to forget all about Alara and elope with her! A duel of wits ensues, and at the last possible moment Hendoras turns the situation around and wins with one point of his Body of Argument still standing. Hendoras seduces Melissa, she reveals the diary, and Hendoras will still take her along. But he won’t forget about Alara!

Cut back to Perithanos.

He goes up to the temple grounds and finally meets [[Phoebe?]]. There is a long embrace, words of love are exchanged, and Perithanos tells her that a new temple to Poseidon will be constructed in [[Malas?]] – would she come along with him and be part of this endeavour? She in turn tells him of Chrysis’ opposition, of the human sacrifice tonight, of the big ritual to be enacted. He says that in this case either the chains binding her must be broken, or brought along with her.

At last Perithanos starts to make sure some supporters of his cause will be there at the ritual tonight: Some senators including one [[Theodorus?]] “Beloved by God” (Ob 5 Circles met including +2D helping die from Phoebe), all of them convinced by the arguments Perithanos made to some merchants at that party. Apparently rumors travel fast. And Perithanos also manages to find Apollodorus again – the sergeant of the harbor guard who was so impressed by his ritual on the ship. All of them will be there tonight.

Cut back to Hendoras.

Alara waited for him at the cliffs but he did not show up. Melissa made sure of that. Discouraged and confused, she decides to write him a letter. The ritual tonight will be an excellent opportunity to slip away and meet. If he really loves her, he should be in the gardens by the temple of Poseidon to talk to her.

Finally, Hendoras meets Flavius again (Ob 3 Circles) and hands him Alara’s letter with the charge to hand this to Nikomedes at an opportune moment to draw him to the temple after the ritual. This should prevent him from discovering Perithanos from escorting Gylippos to the ship.

In the mean time Polykrates is briefed and they decide that he’ll have his men ready to protect Gylippos trying to reach the ship and hold against any harbor guards or militia as long as possible. Should all else fail, he was to sail to the waiting fleet with Gylippos and launch the assault. Should Hendoras or Perithanos stay behind they will make sure that either the statue of Poseidon or Chrysis herself will be unavailable to sink the attacking fleet – by whatever means necessary. Perithanos still hopes to win her over.

Continued in Session 6.

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