2007-03-22 Killing Kazuki

I thought we were going to return to Morioka, talk to the loggers, figure out a way into Onishi castle… But looking at the corpse of Tatsuki (2007-03-15 Killing Tatsuki), the party decided to go after the third evil cleric, the one that had crossed the western hills over into the Kako valley.

Following him, they were surprised by a kappa at a waterfall shrine who tried to grapple with Myung in order to drown him but was defeated. Kanoe talked to the fish and learnt of a cave entrance below the waterline in the pool at the foot of the waterfall, and Kubo San dove in and found 100gp in the kappa’s lair. Then Kubo San used his tracking skills to determine where the third cleric had gone with his undead.

Following the tracks let the party to the main road to Nikko. Night fell, but Kyoshi urged them on. The safety of Nikko was at stake! (Kyoshi is lawful good, the other two are chaotic neutral…)

At the village, they then fought six skeletons, six zombies, and an evil level five cleric of death and destruction who cast Sanctuary, Summon Monster III (calling forth a Hellhound) twice, and healed himself several times.

It was a long battle, with an ambush by the bridge, a diversion from the north, a sneaking into the house where the cleric was waiting for them, and a strong charge.

And they won! But the price was high. Myung died beneath the flaming claws of a Hellhound.


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