2007-03-26 Freeing Onishi Castle

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After 2007-03-22 Killing Kazuki, the party looted the body of Kazuki, but found only 32 black onyxes – material components required for the Animate Dead spell worth 25 gp each.

The party returned to Hakone, where they discovered that one of their friends, Yasu Odong, had been thrown into prison on charges of murder. Apparently he had been identified as the troublemaker responsible for the death of four or five Guardians Against Sin up in Nikko. Apparently, nobody remembered seeing Kyoshi there. Perhaps his fame as a master swordsman has dazzled the local populace.

At the guesthouse, Kyoshi, Kubo San, and Kanoe were joined by the sorcerer Tshin Bo. They talked about Musashi the bandit and how they had fought him in the past, and befriended each other. The next day they went to see the armor-smith in town and bought a chain shirt, metal pieces for Kyoshi’s samurai armor, and various other pieces of equipment, healed themselves, and returned to Morioka’s stronghold in the forest.

By now the samurai’s AC had risen to 21, and the ranger’s AC had risen to 17. The armor-smith only consented to sell armor to Kubo San after having had a long talk with Kyoshi about his fights, his Daisho (masterwork katana and wakizashi heirlooms), and learning that Kubo San was actually working for Kyoshi.

In Morioka’s stronghold, they made their plans for the final battle against the Kumo. The magic weapons they had found were identified: Itagaki’s naginata was a cold steel naginata +2, and Tatsuki’s yari was an unholy yari +1 (dealing an extra 2d6 damage against good). Having befriended Morioka and the Hoori priests gave the party access to scrolls for arcane spells up to level 4 and divine spells up to level 2, both at half price. This proved to be essential.

Equipped with 5 × Fly, 2 × Align Weapon (good), 5 × Protection Against Evil, and a katana for Shigeru, they flew over the river to the teahouse, freed Shigeru, cast another Fly on him, cast Align Weapon on Kyoshi’s and Shigeru’s katana, cast Protection Against Evil on themselves, cast Cure Light Wounds on Kubo San because he had been hit by one of the guards, cast Light on Kyoshi’s weapon, and flew up to the top floor of the Onishi Castle.

There, Shigeru led the way, cutting through paper walls, turning corners, cutting through more paper, and finally arriving in the central room where the kumo was awaiting them. Melee was joined, a whirlwind of blades and claws swept through the room, but cut off from help, the Oni was finally vanquished.

Onishi castle was free, and the kumo’s enchantment was broken!

In the following hours, the party walked with Shigeru through the castle, talking to the men whose minds were returning from the land of evil dreams, and as word reached town, high and low streamed across the bridge to cast an eye on their lord. Onishi was back.


For those who are interested, here’s what confused me:

Base Attack/grapple: +8/+17
Full Attack: 2 claws + 12 melee (1d6+4) and bite +10 melee (1d8+2 plus poison)
Improved Grab: If a kumo hits with a claw attack, she can attempt to start a graple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity.
Rake: Attack bonus +12 melee, damage 1d6+4. A kumo can attack a grappled foe with both claws with no penalty.
Rend: A kumo that hits with both her claw attacks latches onto her opponent’s body and shreds the flesh. The attack automatically deals an extra 2d6+6 points of damage.

So here’s what happened:

  1. The first round, it hits Kyoshi with all attacks, and I rule it starts a grapple. I forgot the poison saving throw and paralysis, and I forgot to apply rend damage right then and there. Oh well.
  2. The next round, I interpreted the rules as saying that both claws automatically hit, and thus the rending is automatic as well. 4d6+14 + attack roll for 1d8+2 + poison…

We later decided that I had to roll for the two claw attacks. All the rules said that the kumo doesn’t get -4 to hit when attacking the opponent it grapples with. So I rolled two attack rolls, didn’t hit with both of them, thus no rending damage. And since Kyoshi had ended the round at -12, and the Kumo was vanquished that round, we must conclude that he survived and did not even fall unconscious! (No rending restores at least 8hp, and one missed claw attack restores at least another 5hp.)

Finally, XP!

This is the end of my little mini-campaign. We’ll have to decide what to play next…

Another note to myself:

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