2007-04-04 Entering the Barrow of the Forgotten King

After freeing Onishi castle (2007-03-26 Freeing Onishi Castle), Lord Onishi grants Kyoshi a stipend of 45 gp per month, enough to pay for his upkeep. I’ve been using the “Upkeep” variant from the {DMG Dungeon Master’s Guide} asking the players to pay 45 gp per month for “Common” upkeep: Live in inns, eat in taverns, occasional drinking nights or a nice glass of wine with dinner. They get to keep the kumo’s treasure (“Take this fiend’s cursed possessions!”) – 450 pp, golden gloves with jewels worth 5000 gp, a kimono worth 300 gp, a silk painting of similar value, and two scrolls with five spells in total on them. In addition to that, Lord Onishi granted Kyoshi the option of rebuilding Nijo castle.

As the kumo’s reign nevertheless involved a considerable loss of face, Onishi Ren is retreating more and more from public life and his eldest son Taiki is taking over. His second son Shigeru envies the party’s freedom and is sure to be a good friend in higher circles should they ever need one.

Tshin Bo and Kubo San spend the night partying at the Hoori temple, meeting the tanuki shapechanging fighters that had helped them against the devil summoned at the Izanami temple (2007-01-16 Freunde und Teufel), they saw at least one other kitsune shapechanger, and woke up “with a big head and a small helmet…”

After two weeks, they moved to Tobu and on the way they discovered that Nijo castle had been abandoned by the evil cleric that had beaten them there a long time ago (2007-02-28 Scouting for Morioka). In Tobu, they met Kaito (a new player joins the group, yay!! :D :ok:) and heard of the strange disappearances at the old cemetery where the villagers had taken refuge not long ago (2007-03-15 Killing Tatsuki). The next day, a local guided them to Ueshiba’s Tomb…

U-Tzuki, day 4 – Tsuki-Youbi (Moon Day) – “ill fortune may befall friends”

What follows is basically Barrow of the Forgotten King by Wizards of the Coast. Party consists of a Fighter-5, a Ranger-4, a Sorcerer-3, a Druid-3, and a NPC Cleric-2. The adventure was written for a party of four to six 2nd level characters. I shall be scaling up some of the monsters as suggested. The current session was run as written in order to give the characters the possibility to be great. I don’t think that barely surviving every session would work in the long run.