2007-04-09 Against Varags

Further into the Barrow of the Forgotten King, continuing from 2007-04-04 Entering the Barrow of the Forgotten King. Fighting skeletons, zombies, a choker, varags, and an allip (this was a monster I had added myself to some extra caves I had prepared.

The party consisted of Kyoshi, a fighter-5, Kubo, a ranger-4, Aikio, a new fighter-3, Tshin Bo, a sorcerer-3, and Aurin, a new cleric-3. In the central hub, I added an additional varag rogue-1 and an additional ordinary varag, resulting in a very interesting encounter. You should have seen their faces when they realized that the varags were intelligent enough to move in pairs, one of them moving up to a player character and readying an attack, the other one moving up next to it, and both attacking with a flanking bonus.

Too bad I overlooked that the second one could move back using his spring attack!

The adventure has more treasure than I would hand out. :) Masterwork scimitars, masterwork composite shortbows, two of them with a STR +4 bonus, +1 studded leather armor, potions of cure light wounds (since the poor ordinary varags never had the time to actually drink them…) – and jewelery the varags had stolen from the graves worth a bit more than 100 gp.

U-Tzuki, day 5 – Honoo-Youbi (Fire Day) – “Bad luck in the morning, good luck in the evening”

The party spend some time resting in the Central Hub room. They didn’t climb up the rope ladder in the Broken Chamber, and they didn’t fall into the water from the Sabotaged Bridge.

The allip was waiting for them behind a dive into the pool behind the Broken Chamber. I assigned a 1 in 6 chance of alerting a water creature for every diver in the pool, but they were lucky. I also asked for a DC 5 check while diving through the water-filled tunnel (all of them used a rope to guide them except for the first one who was a proficient swimmer), just to check for complications. There were none.