2007-04-17 Finding Krootad

U-Tzuki, day 5 – Honoo-Youbi (Fire Day) – “Bad luck in the morning, good luck in the evening”

Continuing in our grave-robbing expedition, the party climbed the tunnel to the surface to fight a runehound, find masterwork metal samurai armor, and a cold campfire. They went back down and continued exploring. There was a room with a water weird that they barely managed to avoid, a little rat-like man called Garjuk that managed to avoid them after letting the party know about the expedition he had been hired to join. This expedition was led by a creepy sorcerer, a hairy evil cleric, a beautiful woman, and several others.

The next room contained one of them: The evil cleric Krootad had been preparing another trap for the party pursuing their expedition. He had animated eight warrior skeletons and a minotaur skeleton, but had failed to equip them with decent weapons. It was a tough fight, with Krootad using Cause Fear, Spiritual Weapon, Spiritual Armor, a Cure Moderate Wounds and a last Cure Light Wounds before he was finally surrounded and slain.