2007-04-30 Through The Magic Labyrinth

U-Tzuki, day 5 – Honoo-Youbi (Fire Day) – “Bad luck in the morning, good luck in the evening”

In the room where they killed Krootad (2007-04-17 Finding Krootad), the party discovered the magic powers of the dragon pool and refreshed themselves. The neutral characters also opened all the sarcophagi, looking for loot. I think I can honestly say that they have proven themselves to be shameless grave-robbers. I’ll have to start considering alignment changes. Avarice and disturbing the dead – I’d say that’s not neutral behaviour. It’s evil. I’ll keep an eye on them.

The next room had a Lurking Stalker, but a double magic missile by Tshin Bo made sure it retreated as quickly as possible up into the shadows. I thoroughly enjoyed the climbing from stone pillar to stone pillar, the falling damage, the threat of falling all the way down, and Kyoshi was able to shine since he had invested in the Climb skill.

The magical labyrinth contained various dire and fiendish monstrous creatures and all were vanquished: The two dire weasels were dispatched, the monstrous fiendish scorpion was killed – that particular fight resultet in Kaito casting Bull Strength on Kyoshi, and thus when Tshin Bo heard noise in the next room, Kyoshi decided to charge! The fiendish spider met sudden death. And when at last a Hound Archon walked around the corner, willing to help and trying to figure out what had happened, the party attacked and nearly killed him. By the time his turn came, all he could do was teleport away.

I felt that this assault was an evil act, too.

As for the scorpion fight: The scorpion has two claw attacks, a poison tail attack, and the feats Improved Grab, and Constrict. There’s no special Full Attack section, so I’m assuming that a standard attack after a move action includes all three attacks. The scorpion hits with a claw, we do a grappel check, and Aurin is trapped in the scorpion’s pincer. In the second round, the scorpion constricts, dealing automatic damage, fails its attack with the pincer holding Aurin, and fails its claw + tail attack on the summoned dog behind its back. Aurin is unable to break out of the grapple, but luckily the scorpion is killed the next round.

I hope I played the scorpion right. :) I forgot its Smite Good special attack, but I guess it felt it was winning…

As for the hound archon, I was surprised the players attacked on sight and hadn’t prepared the fight. Accordingly, I missed the damage reduction 10/evil and I missed his spell resistance 16. So I guess the party would have barely scratched him. I bet he wasn’t interested in fighting them after their attack, however. Next time I’ll use his +8/+3 greatsword (2d6+3/19-20). :sardonic:

As you may have learned from reviews of Barrow of the Forgotten King, the magical labyrinth is a very strange design element: Basically the party can use Track to follow the robbers, or stumble from room to room at random, or until the DM feels that they’ve had enough. I had planned for the hound archon to guide them. With his help out of the question, I had to find another idea. Luckily the party sorcerer decided to use Detect Magic to see the conjuring runes and decided to rush from room to room trying to avoid passages with runes. I decided that it was still possible to find dead varags with healing potions and similar small support items, and I decided that avoiding the runes would stop the summoning. So I rolled 1d6 for every room. On a roll of 1 they found a dead varag or two with healing potions, and on a roll of 6 they found the exit. :)

The magical labyrinth was later determined (by a successful Spellcraft DC 30 check) to partially extend into the negative energy plane, thus explaining all the dire and fiendish monsters.

The party avoided the trap in the next room, and rescued Leera in the last room. We stopped the session before getting into the combat with the four constructs.

As for the mismatch between tradition D&D and the Kitsunemori campaign, here’s how I decided to handle it:

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