2007-05-11 The Last Varag

U-Tzuki, day 5 – Honoo-Youbi (Fire Day) – “Bad luck in the morning, good luck in the evening”

The party fought four constructs, revived Leera’s friend Takeo (actually a new player character who’s going to join us – three cheers!!), and decided to rest. In the mean time, Kubo decided he wanted to sneak ahead. (Marco is playing his drained Wisdom score really well!) Down the stairs he hears people breathing behind a barricade, and sneaks back. A quick Listen vs. Move Silently check told me the varags knew he was there, and they were totally ready to cut him into pieces. As Kubo retreated back up, however, they decided to wait.

The party then holed up to rest. Kubo takes first shift. The Varags had been abandoned by their master with their retreat cut off by a water weird, a magical labyrinth, and crazy adventurers. They decided to attack two hours later. With their high movement rate and their Spring Attack feat they nearly made mincemeat of Kubo, guard of the first shift.

I had added two additional low-level Varags to the encounter, and suddenly felt unsure whether the surprise attack would kill the party. That’s why I did not insist on them having to spend two rounds to get up and ready weapons, and I didn’t insist on checking the armor of the Samurai (who would not have slept in his armor, I guess).

The party beat back the varags, and their leader survived and retreatet back where he came from – down the stairs. On his way back, he managed to take a few shots at the characters, so that they felt compelled to cast their Stone Shape scroll to make themselves a safe little prison cell to rest in.

U-Tzuki, day 6 – Mizu-Youbi (Water Day) – “The most unlucky day, on which weddings and unions of any kind are to be assiduously avoided.”

The next morning they broke down the walls and turned around the corner – where the varag leader had been waiting for them. In the ensuing fight, he managed to circle around them and make a dash for the magic labyrinth.

The party gave chase, and the fight dragged on and on. When the Varag finally jumped into an underground lake, we had to read up on all the underwater fighting rules, too. Rules fest! Swimming. Freedom of Movement (granted power of the Travel domain). Shooting at swimmers using bows and arrows. Casting magic missiles at people underwater. Drowning rules. Argh!

But they killed him in the end.

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