2007-05-14 Tomb Spider

still U-Tzuki, day 6 – Mizu-Youbi (Water Day) – β€œThe most unlucky day, on which weddings and unions of any kind are to be assiduously avoided.”

Back into the room where the Varags came from (2007-05-11 The Last Varag), into the room with the waterfall. There they befriended the water kami by accepting a wrestling match and some Diplomacy. They got some healing spells and some information in exchange for that. Leera was transported to the surface when she asked for a way out. The next room contained a large spider and her brood, and then more fighting in the following rooms filled with illusions reminding visitors of events long past.

The party ends up in a room with a magic mirror that leaves Aurin and Kyoshi elated at +1 to all rolls and Tshin Bo and Takeo shaken at -2 to all rolls. They decide to rest again, so that the sorcerer can regain his spells. This reminds me of Monte Cook’s design note I read a few weeks ago but can’t find right now. He basically admitted that this was a D&D design problem. Without random encounters to disturb the peace, there’s no stopping the sorcerer from wasting all his spells and then demanding a rest for another eight hours.

I think I’ll have to make sure he only gets his spells once every 24h. I guess he’ll ask for a 23h rest period, then. I think what I’ll do is let the bad guys get away. :sardonic:

Unfortunately, I made an XP calculation mistake last session, so people leveled up at the beginning of this session, when most of them would only have leveled at the end of this session. Oh well. :)