2007-05-30 The End of The Barrow of the Forgotten King

This was the last session of Barrow of the Forgotten King!

Since the party had barricaded itself in a room, I ruled that the party of grave robbers had found the treasure they were seeking and had made their escape out of the tomb, including the king’s sword.

U-Tzuki, day 6 – Mokuzai Youbi (Wood Day) – “The most auspicious day, and a good day for weddings.”

The party fought the two mounted skeletons & the betrayer at the end and had lots of fun. The spirit of the real king then handed a hidden amulet to Kyoshi and told him to save the valley from a coming doom. The next module I’ll be running is Red Hand of Doom, so the focus on varags & hobgoblins makes sense in the grander scheme of things, and our druid’s bonus language Goblinoid makes sense, too. The amulet has been designed according to the Weapons of Legacy rules by Kyoshi’s player after some downtime discussion regarding the sword to be found in the adventure.

The Red Hand of Doom is for 6th level characters, so we need to interject some other stuff. As the party tried to track the grave robbers, the ranger kept loosing ground, and finally the party had to abandon the tracks and tried a forced march, and failed even so. They are still interested in the “mountain kingdom” of the hobgoblins, so that’s what we’ll do.

The party also found a golden gauntlet worth 5000 gp a few sessions ago and want to turn that into gold. I have a subplot lying around involving the escort of Shigeru’s bride to be. Shigeru is the second son of Lord Onishi, a noble they saved some time back. This would allow them to present the gauntlet as a gift, and receive something in return that is easier to cash in. Then the party cleric can use the cash and a few days of downtime to brew ten potions of Cure Moderate Wounds. That’s the plan, anyway.


  1. Escort Shigeru’s bride from her hometown to Onishi’s castle in Hakone
  2. Use the gold earned in exchange for the gauntlet to brew potions
  3. Return to the mountain kingdom of the hobgoblins, maybe find King Ueshiba’s sword
  4. Discover plot hook for The Red Hand of Doom

I exchanged the Forgotten King’s “Weapon of Legacy” sword with an Amulet of Divine Grace (a different kind of item designed according to the rules presented in Weapon of Legacy by Wizards of the Coast); I asked Kyoshi’s player to spend some time and effort into designing the item and offering a plausible explanation for getting it. His ideas fit perfectly into what I needed to end Barrow of the Forgotten King and move into Red Hand of Doom. I’m happy.

Time: The party started tracking the grave robbers into the hills north of Tobu. Trackless hills gives 1mph max speed, or 8 miles per day.

DayTrackingGround CoveredGround Covered by the enemy78h 2 miles 6 miles 812h 3 miles, 5 total 8 miles, 14 total 912h 4 miles, 9 total 8 miles, 22 total forced march 9h 9 miles, 18 total 8 miles, 30 total

They rested on day 10, started walking back again on day 11, arrived in Tobu on day 12, went to Magnolia Inn on day 13, and arrived in Hakone on day 14.

U-Tzuki, day 14 – Taiyou-Youbi (Sun Day) – “Good luck will come before noon, but bad look is to come after noon.”

Foes vanquished:


XPs gained:

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