2007-06-04 Takuya

I wanted to move into the “Escort Shigeru’s Bride” subquest today, but my players decided to check out Musashi’s castle again. Since one of Manabu’s clerics was still at large, I had secretly decided that he was going to return to the castle and finally fortify it. It’s a strategic position from which you can control all of the valley.

So off they went… The fight was to last the entire session. The evil cleric Takuya had a scroll of Lesser Planar Ally and enough gold to call a bearded devil and pay him to spend five minutes and kill two party members. Four zombies Takuya had with him bought the time required to read the scroll and strike the bargain. The first thing the devil did was summon seven lemures to foil any attempts at Exorcism (a variant rule for clerics from the Kitsunemori source book).

Unfortunately, I made two mistakes again:

  1. I forgot to check for spell resistance the two times our sorcerer Tshin Bo used Magic Missile on the devil. His demise came a round too early, having landed only one hit!
  2. I checked three times and yet managed to miss the spell like ability Greater Teleport! The page layout let me miss it – close to the spine, floating right next to a big image. Summoned devils don’t teleport, but planar allies do!

No wonder it was a bit easier to dispatch than I had expected. Perhaps I should retroactively treat it as a scroll of Summon Monster V at caster level 9. Too bad that means it should not have been able to summon the lemures. Then again, the lemurs were finished off easily. Actually, I think here’s what I’ll do: The devil survived the second round because of his damage reduction and used Greater Teleport to get out of there!

In the mean time Takuya was ready to summon two hell hounds to his help. They were also quickly dispatched, and in the end, he was killed quickly enough. And with none of the characters really hurt, not even his Death Touch seemed like a viable option…

Treasure: Still haven’t decided. The three clerics each had level five, so each should have had about 4300 gp. The second one had been carrying an unholy +1 yari worth 18000 gp, so I think that justifies me not giving Takuya much treasure.

Treasure: 800 gp, 8 onyx stones, each worth 25 gp.

I’m really hoping for some more interaction and less combat the next session! Perhaps good roleplay will be rewarded with a pointer to another magic item. I’m thinking about another spear, or a ring, or something like that.

Foes vanquished:

The lemurs and the hell hounds were summoned; defeating them was part of defeating the devil and the cleric.


XPs gained: